AppsFlyer unveils new audience management solution powered by Android Privacy Sandbox

AppsFlyer announced on Tuesday that it has completed the development of its new end-to-end audience management solution powered by Google’s Privacy Sandbox.

The mobile marketing analytics and attribution company said in its announcement post that the solution, which it built in partnership with programmatic demand-side platform (DSP) Remerge, ‘’signals a breakthrough in the mobile ecosystem’s use of advanced privacy-preserving technologies that enable rich marketing capabilities and insights’’.

In an effort to enhance privacy in app advertising, Google first introduced Privacy Sandbox on Android in February 2022, and rolled out its first beta earlier this year

The beta launch came along with a number of APIs that ‘’are designed with privacy at the core, and don’t use identifiers that can track your activity across apps and websites,’’ according to Google.

One of those APIs is the Protected Audience API, which AppsFlyer and Remerge have integrated into the new solution to enable custom audience segmentation, privacy-centric re-engagement, as well as advanced bidding and personalized creatives based on privacy-centric purchasing intent triggers.

Additionally, AppsFlyer also announced a new working solution that utilizes the Attribution Reporting API within the Android Privacy Sandbox, which it said will let advertisers and marketers measure the performance of their campaigns while eliminating the need for user-level cross-platform identifiers.

Commenting on the launch, Roy Yanai, AppsFlyer’s AVP of Product – Measurement, said: “The Protected Audience API offers major progress when it comes to user privacy that aligns with how AppsFlyer envisions the future of privacy-centric marketing. Following extensive research, and working with the Android and Remerge teams, we look forward to the ways the Protected Audience API will unlock remarketing for many businesses. Beyond remarketing alone, the Protected Audience API is a great advancement for the app ecosystem and showcases how to leverage technology to preserve privacy, without compromising the user experience.” 

Remerge CEO and Co-Founder Pan Katsukis said: ‘’At Remerge, we’re proud to be working on this solution with AppsFlyer and Google – and to play a defining role in the future of mobile marketing. Building this new, privacy-first framework will enable businesses to continue their mobile remarketing efforts, while still protecting the personal data of end users.’’

AppsFlyer added that it received support from Google for the development of its new solutions.

Amit Varia, Google’s Director of Product Management, stated: “We’re excited to see AppsFlyer and Remerge developing solutions using Privacy Sandbox on Android, and look forward to continuing to work with their teams and other organizations as part of an ecosystem-wide collaboration.

Written by Tuna Cetin


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