iOS 15.2 beta brings App Privacy Report

Shortly after releasing iOS 15.1, Apple began rolling out the beta version of iOS 15.2. The new iOS 15.2 beta comes with new privacy features Apple first announced at WWDC, including App Privacy Report.

iOS 15 will bring along an ‘’App Privacy Report’’ service which will be located in your device settings and offer you a summary of how often apps get access to your personal information such as your location, camera etc during the last seven days. It will also give users access to the third-party domains the app is contacting to share users data with. “This is a great opportunity to review your app’s sensor, data, and internet usage.” Apple says

If you want to turn on the App Privacy Report feature,  you first need to install theiOS 15.2 beta, then go to Settings > Privacy > App Privacy Report > Turn On App Privacy Report. Activity will show once you use your app.

Apple’s most controversial and criticized privacy change was the AppTrackingTransparency framework, which went into effect in April. ATT, that forces app developers to request the user’s permission to track them or to access their device’s advertising identifier, has had an impact on many businesses, including Apple’s competitors on the advertising side.

Snap Inc. said in an earnings call last week that Apple’s App Store privacy changes had caused the company to fail to meet revenue expectations for its third quarter.  Facebook also experienced revenue headwinds in the third quarter due to Apple’s ATT. 

Twitter, on the other hand, reported on Tuesday that its quarterly revenue rose 37% to  $1.28 billion and avoided the revenue hit from Apple’s privacy changes, sending its shares up 3%. 

Written by Maya Robertson


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