Reddit’s API pricing kills third-party clients Apollo, RIF and Sync

Popular third-party Reddit clients Apollo, Reddit is Fun, and Sync for Reddit are shutting down on June 30th as a result of the social media company’s move to start charging developers for access to its API.

Following the announcement of the pricing change, many developers expressed their concerns saying it would put their businesses at risk. Christian Selig, developer of one of the most popular Reddit apps Apollo, said that it would cost him $20 million per year and that it’s far more than he ever could have imagined.

On Thursday, Selig shared a new post on Reddit announcing that his app will shut down on June 30th. ‘’Reddit’s recent decisions and actions have unfortunately made it impossible for Apollo to continue,’’ the developer said.

The same day, the developer of Reddit is Fun (RIF) said that his Android app would also shut down at the end of this month, ‘’in response to Reddit Inc’s API changes and their hostile treatment of developers building on their platform.’’

Another Reddit app that is coming to an end this month is Sync for Reddit. ‘’To be absolutely clear I really don’t want to close Sync,’’ its developer said in a post on Thursday. ‘’Working on this app has been a labour of love and my life for the past decade but with how things stand I can’t see any other way.’’

The shutdown news came two days after Reddit CEO Steve Huffman said in an email to staff on Tuesday that the company would lay off 5% of its workforce and trim its hiring plans.

Written by Tuna Cetin


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