Genshin Impact breaks record as the fastest mobile game to reach $5 billion in global consumer spending

Since its launch in September 2020 across iOS, Android, consoles, and PC, Genshin Impact has emerged as a monumental success, with players collectively spending an estimated $5 billion in the game, according to This substantial figure solidifies Genshin Impact’s position as one of the highest-earning games in the industry, transcending the boundaries of mobile gaming.

The $5 billion milestone encompasses spending through both Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Impressively, even excluding income from third-party Android marketplaces, the iOS version of Genshin Impact has raked in nearly $1.5 billion in revenue in its home country, China. This staggering sum accounts for approximately 30% of the game’s total consumer spend. 

Following closely, Japan claims the second spot with around $1.06 billion, contributing 21% to the overall revenue, while the United States secures the third position, having generated $903 million, constituting 18% of the total consumer spending.

What sets Genshin Impact apart is the unprecedented speed at which it achieved the $5 billion milestone. Taking a mere 40 months to reach this grand sum, Genshin Impact stands as the fastest mobile title to hit such a remarkable financial benchmark. 

In comparison, Clash of Clans, the second-fastest in this category, achieved the feat in 51 months. The latest addition to the $5 billion club is Gardenscapes, which took 91 months to accomplish this milestone. In total, there are now 13 mobile games that have surpassed $5 billion in combined consumer spending through the iOS App Store and Google Play, further underscoring the exceptional financial success of Genshin Impact in the competitive gaming landscape.

Written by Sophie Blake


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