The Best Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods

Although one of the best truck simulators, Euro Truck Simulator 2, or ETS 2 for short, was released in 2012, it continues to be kept alive. The developer of the game, SCS Software, continues to bring new maps and trucks to the game on a regular basis, while at the same time, it is on the way to renewing the old map and trucks.

However, one of the biggest reasons that make Euro Truck Simulator 2 special and maintains its vitality is its mod support. Many volunteer mod developers are developing mods that will increase the experience of players in Euro Truck Simulator 2. These mods include many options such as trucks, maps, sounds, truck add-ons, and trailers. We have compiled the best Euro Truck Simulator 2 mods that will bring the pleasure of the game’s players to the highest level.

How to install mods in ETS2? 

Installing mods downloaded from the Internet

You don’t have to close the game before installing a mod. First, download the mod you want and follow the steps below.

  • Go to Documents > Euro Truck Simulator 2 > mod folder
  • Put the “.scs” file you downloaded into the “mod” folder
  • Click ‘Edit Profile’ on the profile selection screen in Euro Truck Simulator 2
  • Activate the mod you have put in the ‘mod’ folder by double-clicking on it
  • Press ‘Save Changes’

Installing mods on Steam

Please note that the game must be closed for Steam to download a mod.

  • Click on Euro Truck Simulator 2 in your Library tab and click on the ‘Visit the Workshop’ option to access the Steam Workshop
  • After finding the mod you want to download, tap ‘Subscribe’
  • After the download is complete, launch the game, click on ‘Mod Manager’
  • Activate the downloaded mod by double-clicking on it
  • Press ‘Confirm Changes’

The Best Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods



If you want to play Euro Truck Simulator 2 in a multiplayer way, you can download this mod, which has been actively used by many players for years. Let’s not forget to warn you that many drivers drive trucks like racing cars.

Download TruckersMP 



Promods, the most famous map mod of Euro Truck Simulator 2, not only improves the original map of the game, but also greatly expands the roads you can drive by adding new countries to the map. To install Promods, you must have the original copy of the game and all necessary DLCs.

Download Promods


Rusmap, one of the most famous map mods with Promods, adds 62 Russian and 18 Belarusian cities to your map.

Download Rusmap


This mod, which focuses on Romania and adds all the cities in the country to the ETS 2 map, draws attention with its level of detail and fun ways. The map brings a total of 43 new cities from Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Moldova.

Download RoExtended 

Grand Utopia

In Euro Truck Simulator 2, there are not only maps that carry the real world to the virtual environment. Fictional maps allow you to drive on roads that do not exist in reality. Grand Utopia, a fictional map, is modeled with higher quality than many real maps. There are all kinds of roads you want to drive on the map.

Download Grand Utopia

Southern Region

Unlike Rusmap, Southern Region adds cities connecting Russia to the Black Sea on your map. The map is among the maps that are again beautifully modeled.

Download Southern Region

P.S. You can run the map mods we listed above (except Grand Utopia) in the game at the same time. So you have a much larger road network than the original game.


Here are the best Euro Truck Simulator Mods for different vehicle mods. 

Volvo F Series

This mod is for those who want an old case truck. Developed by Lucasi, the Volvo F Series offers an experience that will allow you to drive further with its model and sound quality.

Download Volvo F Series

RJL Scania

The original Scanias that came with Euro Truck Simulator 2 have limited customization options and models. Developed by RJL, this mod adds Scania G, R, R 4-series and Streamline trucks with different chassis types and a lot of customization to your game.

Download RJL Scania 

Mercedes Actros MP1

If you want to add MP1, one of Mercedes Benz’s legendary trucks, to the game, you have no choice but to use this mod. Although the modeling of the truck is at a good level, the sounds it has may seem a little low quality.

Download Mercedes Actros MP1

DAF XF 105 (vad&k)

Again, the original DAF XF 105, which comes with the game, does not have much customization options. But this mod, developed by vad&k, will make you love the DAF XF 105 even if you don’t like it. The truck comes with high quality modeling and sound quality. But before installing the mod, make sure you have the ‘XF Tuning Pack’ DLC.

Download DAF XF 105 (vad&k)

We have compiled the best Euro Truck Simulator 2 mods for you. Are there any other mods you have installed and liked? Which ones on the list have you tried? We welcome your comments below.

Written by Maya Robertson


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