Best and Upcoming Games Like Dark Souls

The souls formula, developed by FromSoftware, is living its golden age. It seems that the souls genre, which has blown a new wind in the game world with Elden Ring, will have new examples in the coming years. In this article, we have brought together the best and upcoming soulslike games like Dark Souls.

Best and Upcoming Games Like Dark Souls

  1. Dolmen
  2. Ashen
  3. Black Myth: Wukong
  4. The Surge 1-2
  5. Lies of P
  6. Hollow Knight: Silksong
  7. Thymesia
  8. Steelrising
  2. Hellpoint
  3. Death’s Gambit
  4. Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen
  5. Salt and Sanctuary
  6. Mortal Shell
  7. Code Vein
  8. Nioh 2


The new game Dolmen, set in space, takes players to Revion Prime, full of terrifying creatures. The game, which pleases Souls lovers, interprets the formula we are used to and promises an enjoyable experience.


Published by Annapurna Interactive, Ashen does not hesitate to paint a unique world while getting its share from the elements of the genre. With its co-op component, you will establish your own home in Ashen, which offers a very pleasant and relaxing experience despite the difficulty, and you will know the faces you meet in your adventures as friends.

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Black Myth: Wukong

Release Date: Summer 2024

Being developed by the China-based game company, Black Myth: Wukong is one of the most surprising games on our list. Inspired by components of the Souls genre, the game will offer players the chance to bring the Monkey King Wukong to life. We look forward to the game, which draws attention with its high-level visuals and smooth gameplay.

The Surge 1-2

Developed by Deck13, The Surge blends sci-fi elements with compelling combat from Souls games. Adding technological armors and devious artificial intelligence to the equation, the game offers a great atmosphere and promises the players a very enjoyable Souls experience.

The second link of the series, on the other hand, updates everything that the first game did successfully and offers a gameplay that erodes patience with its difficulty.

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Lies of P

Lies of P, which we are eagerly awaiting its release, will transform Carlo Collodi’s immortal work into a game where players will die countless times. In the game where we bring Pinocchio to life, we will go to the city of Krat, which is full of nightmares, and we will fight each other.

Hollow Knight: Silksong

Hollow Knight, one of the first productions that come to mind when it comes to games similar to Dark Souls, combines the elements of the genre with 2D. The game that won hearts with its awesome music, admirable art design, and smooth gameplay will go to the next level with its second ring which is set to be released on June 2023.

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Taking fans of the genre to a chaotic medieval kingdom, Thymesia invites players to a tough test with its compelling fighting mechanics and fast structure. In this kingdom where alchemy experiments backfire, interesting creatures will be waiting in line to destroy the player.


Blending the French Revolution with sci-fi elements, Steelrising stars the players as King XVI. Louis to stop his bloody regime. In the game, where the king’s army consists of robots that do not know what mercy is, players will give life to Aegis, an engineering marvel.

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ENDER LILIES, which is shown among the best games like Dark Souls on the market, appears with its impressive visuals and great art design. In particular, the main mechanics of the game contains a structure that we have not encountered before. Using the abilities of the defeated enemies to defeat the enemies is quite an interesting experience.


Leaving the dark fantasy theme aside, Hellpoint, which went into space, is one of the examples that shows that soulslike games can progress in the science fiction genre. With its gameplay variety and more advanced versions of the classic Souls mechanics, it is both fun and quite difficult.

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Death’s Gambit

With interesting boss fights, highly variable area designs, and a large skill tree, Death’s Gambit is among the most popular games of recent times. In particular, it has been able to steal the hearts of the fans of the Souls genre in a very short time. It is a production where players need to be very careful and cannot be compensated for the slightest mistake.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

Even though it is not originally a soulslike game, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, which is similar in theme to Dark Souls, is one of the productions that Souls fans can appreciate. It should be noted that the enemies will not be as challenging as in soulslike games. However, we think that it should definitely be looked at with its world, characters, and different skill tree.

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Salt and Sanctuary

Salt and Sanctuary, which has not become very popular since its debut in 2016, manages to combine Metroidvania and soulslike genres. The production, which comes with a wonderful art style, almost carries a commitment that those who sit on it will never want to let go.

Mortal Shell

Mortal Shell, which was released in 2021, came to the fore with its similarity to the Dark Souls series in terms of both gameplay and theme. Even if it doesn’t make a lot of noise, it’s pretty fun to play. Thanks to its complex gameplay, it has a magic that connects the player and will also be a good alternative to the Dark Souls series for epic boss fights.

Code Vein

Imagine that the Dark Souls series meets a pure anime style. Here, Code Vein appears as a scary Souls-like game with its anime-based visual structure. Another point that makes it interesting is that it can offer high-paced fights when appropriate.

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Nioh 2

The Nioh series, which is perhaps the busiest stop for Dark Souls fans, is coming to bring a feast to homes with its second game. It manages to be a very clear Souls-like game with its unique art design and challenging boss fights. In addition, we can say that it will not look for the Dark Souls series in terms of theme.

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