The Weirdest Simulator Games

The gaming world has always been a strange place. However, even in this world there are some games that really surprise people. The simulation category is quite suitable for such games due to its structure and content. In this article, we will take a look at the weirdest simulator games in the gaming world with their themes.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

It was inevitable that we should include the world’s strangest war simulation in this list. What are the chances of a group of villagers against a horde of zombies? Or how does a viking army deal with a group of strange wizards? One of the strange elements that add fun to the game is the physics engine, where there are different types of characters that can be confronted at least.

Rock Simulator

Here’s the most relaxed, worry-free, and non-competitive game you’ll ever play. As the name suggests, we are a rock in the game. Yes, we are a flat stone we know. Moreover, we even have the option to choose between different rocks! If life is tired, you can choose a suitable rock for yourself and start standing there.

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Bird Simulator

If birds were like this in real life, it is difficult to predict how long we would survive as a human being. Our main goal in the production, in which there are many bird species from sparrows to eagles, from ducks to gulls, is to destroy humanity!

Bee Simulator

Which of us has never wondered what it is like to be a bee(!). You can enjoy being a bee in Bee Simulator, one of the weirdest simulator games. Take orders from the queen bee and do your best to protect the hive.

Goat Simulator

The sine qua non of the list is Goat Simulator, perhaps the game that we can say started this whole ‘weirdest simulator games games’ frenzy. In the game we play as a goat, we make various goats. Of course, these include actions such as participating in an evil ritual and becoming Baphomet’s shadow on earth!

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Surgeon Simulator 2

You can think of it as if you became a doctor with distance education and they threw you directly into the operating room. Instead of a heart transplant, you can perform a single kidney transplant operation for your poor patient who is waiting to regain his health in a full-fledged operating room, and you can lose an organ like an industrial master by saying ‘this piece is too much’.

DEEEEER Simulator

Everything is complete chaos in DEEEEER Simulator, one of the weirdest simulator games! Escape from the police, mix the city with all kinds of juicers, and if you get bored, you can even ride a horse. Yes, as a deer.


Fishkeeper, which we can describe as relaxing rather than weird, offers us the chance to set up our own aquarium, fill it with the fish we want, and design everything ourselves. However, do not forget that everything from the cleanliness of the aquarium to the health of the fish is your responsibility.

Bear Simulator

The right game for those who want to unleash their inner animal! The game, in which we scare the picnickers enough to become a bear and scavenge the garbage, also includes different platform puzzles.

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PowerWash Simulator

If you are one of those who cannot pass when you see relaxing washing videos made with water jets on social media, this game will decorate your dreams. The game, where you can clean everything that comes to your mind with a super powerful washing machine, seems like therapy for some reason.

Written by Sophie Blake


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