The 15 Best Life Simulation Games

There are many games that can take us to distant worlds as if we are living a second life while playing. Although most of them are multiplayer games, there are also plenty of single player alternatives today. We’ve prepared a mixed list of multiplayer and single player games about such experiences. Here are the best life simulation games…

The Best Life Simulation Games

  1. Littlewood
  2. Not Tonight
  3. VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action
  4. Second Life
  5. The Sims 4
  6. My Time at Portia
  7. Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  8. Internet Cafe Simulator 2
  9. MovieStarPlanet 2
  10. Stardew Valley
  11. My Time at Sandrock
  12. YouTubers Life 2
  13. Reigns: Her Majesty
  14. Mega Mall Story
  15. Two Point Campus


Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch

Another game that fans of Stardew Valley will definitely love: Littlewood. The game’s lure and inner loop provides a relaxing gaming experience. The tasks given along the way in the game are a great way to deal with the farm, interact with the surrounding residents, spend time calmly.

Not Tonight

Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch

Not Tonight is a post-Brexit management game that combines a time-pressure RPG with a politically charged story where every decision counts. Will you join the resistance and fight the regime, or will you keep your head down and hope that this will be a distant memory one day? Players who like this kind of game and want to try more games, in the same way, should definitely try Not Tonight.

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VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action

Platforms: PC, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch, PS4

In this game, you manage a bar. Moreover, you can have incredible conversations with tons of interesting characters while managing your bar. According to reviews, it is one of the games with the best visual expression, especially in console experiences. Although the general gameplay is somewhat comfortable, it promises a dystopian life that everyone will want to experience. VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action is definitely one of the best life simulation games you should give a try.

Second Life

Platforms: PC, MacOS, Linux

Defined as an internet-based virtual world, Second Life is known for offering a second life experience to its users. It is a production where you can act by creating your own reality and playing the role you want to live, chatting with other people and meeting them. The game has a huge world where you can spend hundreds of hours and is currently being developed for virtual reality.

The Sims 4

Platforms: PlayStation, Xbox, PC, MacOS

The Sims 4, one of the first games that comes to mind when we say the best life simulation games, is a kind of production where you can create your own character and direct your life as you wish. You can get a job, get married and even have children.

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My Time at Portia

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, PC, MacOS, iOS, Android

With a huge open world and full in-game content, My Time at Portia, which can offer you hundreds of hours of adventure, includes an adventure where you can experience the diversity it offers, including livestock, agriculture, mining and cooking.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which you can play alone or with your friends, is a special production only for the Nintendo ecosystem. Animal Crossing, one of the best productions where you can taste a real life experience, invites you to join its own world with its fun characters and adventures.

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Internet Cafe Simulator 2

Platform: PC

You will experience the difficulties of owning an internet cafe, and you will encounter many unpleasant factors in real life, such as paying off your brother’s debt. The production, where we can sit in front of the “main computer” that we always dreamed of when we were little, and see what other customers are doing, promises a real professional life.

MovieStarPlanet 2

Platforms: Internet browser, Android, iOS

MovieStarPlanet 2, a game where you adapt to fashion by equipping your character as you want, make new friendships and constantly try to improve by completing certain tasks, is a production where you can even shoot your own movie, as the name suggests.

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Stardew Valley

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux

Stardew Valley, a game that manages to fascinate those who play it from the very beginning with its pixel-by-pixel graphics, the details it contains, and hundreds of hours of gameplay, is one of the best life simulation games that you can play alone or with your friends, and it is about the adventures we will experience after we move to an old farm inherited from our grandfather.

My Time at Sandrock

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, PC

With My Time at Sandrock we travel to Sandrock and take on the role of a builder. Stating that while we can build impressive buildings in the middle of a huge desert, we can access everything My Time at Portia has to offer in a more advanced way, including agriculture, combat and exploration, My Time at Sandrock is still an early access game.

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YouTubers Life 2

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, PC, MacOS

YouTubers Life 2, where we can meet the world’s most famous YouTubers like PewDiePie, compete with them, and even become the world’s largest content producer, shows the difficulties and beauties of being a YouTuber in a very stylish way.

Reigns: Her Majesty

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, MacOS, Linux

Reigns is one of the most innovative yet simple simulation games players can control. The idea of controlling an entire empire with the swipe mechanic is surprising but also fun. Swipe to make decisions, smash those who want to slip your feet with your intelligence, keep the balance in the kingdom…

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Mega Mall Story

Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android

Mall games, which can now be considered a relic of the past, offered an exciting experience of managing a store and keeping guests happy. Although this game may seem like a relic from the past, reviews have stated that it is incredibly attractive, easy to learn, and addictive to play.

Two Point Campus

Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One

Thanks to Two Point Campus, which is a building type, you can create your dream university. You should give importance to your students on your campus, which you will create with your own designs, and make sure that all their needs are met.

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