The 10 Best Free MOBA Games


In this list, we have brought together the best free MOBA games where you can have a gaming experience with better graphics.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is a game based on the struggle of two teams of 5 players on the maps called Radiant and Dire. The game, where you can apply thousands of tactics to destroy the epicenter of the opposing team with your giant team of five, impresses with both its graphics and the way it plays.

Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2, which is a mixture of MOBA and FPS game genres with its original characters and stories, is played in teams of 5 people. There are three different character types with Damage, Tank and Support abilities. Featuring 22 maps, 6 different modes and 35 heroes, Overwatch 2 is one of the best free MOBA games.

Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor, where each character has unique abilities, offers an exciting arena experience with teams of 5 people. In this game, where many players who want to play a game similar to League of Legends on their mobile devices can give a chance, experience is gained by killing creatures and defeating players. These experiences help players level up and earn money, making them stronger in the game.

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With the Battlerite game, where each game character has their own unique abilities, you can set up teams of 2 and 3 to dust the arena. You can damage your opponents with your teammates and become the winner of the arena by using your aiming abilities and the abilities you can develop.

Heroes of Storm

Played in teams of 5, Heroes of Storm has many features that you can add to the power of your team. There are ten maps in the game with four types of characters, Warrior, Assassin, Support and Specialist, and a few of them are named Battlefield of Eternity, Sky Temple, Cursed Hollow.

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Heroes of Newerth

One of the best free MOBA games, Heroes of Newerth is based on the struggle between two teams called Legion and Hellbourne. Heroes of Newerth, which is enriched with the story on which the game is based and the individual stories of the characters, can be played on three maps called Mid Wars, Forest of Caldavar and Rift Wars.


If you are ready for an action-packed adventure, Awesomenauts, where you can take control of the galaxy with teams of 3 people, is the game you are looking for. Thanks to the innovations added to the game and the abilities and characters you can create, you can strengthen your strategies and try different ways to win.


Paladins in the MOBA and FPS game genre is a complete team game with many different characters. You will experience the excitement of the arena to the fullest as you collide with the players of the opposing team on different maps in the game with nearly 20 champions, namely sheep characters. In order to strengthen your character, you can buy various boosters such as defense, attack and healing with the money you earn in the game.

Fault: Elder Orb

Fault: Elder Orb is one of the third-person MOBA games, where two teams of 5 fight fiercely. With more than twenty characters and various items and aspects that you can strengthen these characters, you can experience the action and tension in the game to the fullest.


Smite is a MOBA game with a third-person perspective. In the Smite game, it is possible to see many different gods in the books and mythology. In SMITE x Avatar: The Last Airbender, we see the characters Aang, Zuko and Korra in the cartoon series Avatar: The Last Airbender. The game features the struggles of these characters against ancient myth gods such as Hades and Medusa.

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