The 9 Best Arcade Games of All Times

Today, we see video games with huge budgets that make them feel real with the graphics and stories they offer in systems collected for thousands of dollars. However, the starting point of all these modern video games was the dimly lit arcades where the interior was jam-packed. So much so that these halls instilled a game culture to a generation. Today, computers and consoles have replaced the arcade.

However, the tension and excitement created by Pac Man, which we played on arcade game machines, and the ambition of fighting in Street Fighter are still in the minds of many of us. In this content, we take a look at the best arcade games of all times that ever lived in the memories of a generation.

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The Best Arcade Games of All Times

Street Fighter

We couldn’t have made this list of the best arcade games of all time without starting with Street Fighter. The game, which Capcom launched for the first time in 1987, managed to drag the masses after it in those years. Different stories for each player, fighting mechanics that can be considered advanced for the 80s, realistic fighting sounds and atmosphere ensure that the series remains popular even today.

Pac Man

First published by Bandai Namco Entertainment in 1980, Pac Man is undoubtedly one of the best arcade games ever. So much so that even today, the series is one of the longest-running, best-selling and highest-grossing video game series in history. At the same time, the Pac Man character remains one of the best-known video game mascots in history.

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Mortal Kombat 

Mortal Kombat, which was first released in the early 90s, managed to become the new fighting game that took the world by storm in a short time after Street Fighter. The special powers of the characters in the game, the finishing moves and the high dose of brutality made the series popular all over the world in a short time. So much so that the legend of Mortal Kombat continues to live with movies and new games even today.


Defender, one of the most memorable arcades of the 80s, is a game that has managed to mark the golden age of arcade consoles. The high tempo of the original game, in which we fought against aliens with a side view camera, was challenging even the most professional, making many people have nervous breakdowns. Undoubtedly, Defender is one of the productions that deserves to be on the list of the best arcade games of all times.

Donkey Kong

Considered to be the ancestor of Super Mario, the most famous series of Atari consoles, Donkey Kong was an arcade game that swept the world when it first came out in the early 80’s. The series, which has become a cult today, has an important share in Nintendo’s success by selling approximately 40 million units worldwide.

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Mario Bros.

The arcade genre Mario Bros., first released by Nintendo in 1983, is one of the most iconic series in video game history. Our main character, the plumber Mario, whom we have to run from adventure to adventure to save the princess in the game, is considered the most famous video game character in the world even today. New games are still being released for the Mario series, whose reputation has already surpassed arcade consoles.

Sega Rally

Sega’s racing game, Sega Rally Championship, which was first published in 1994, represented the last point of arcade games in the 90s. In the game, you could either compete against the computer or compete with your friends in the 2-player version. The image above will probably tell a lot for those who lived those years.

Track and Field

Released in 1983, Track and Field is one of the most memorable productions of arcade game machines and arcade consoles. In this Olympic-themed game, which managed to maintain its popularity for many years, we were able to compete in many different branches such as 100 meters running, javelin throw, long jump, high jump and hammer throw. The game, which brought the Olympics to our home, also had some fantastic events, such as a UFO crash or an astronaut coming when your javelin was very high.

Space Invaders

The arcade game Space Invaders, published by Taito in 1978, is actually a very important production with what it adds to the game world. In this production, which remained in the minds of a generation as an “Alien shooting game”, we were trying to prevent them from taking over the world by shooting all the aliens. Although there was no time limit in the game, the difficulty level was gradually increasing, which caused the tension in the environment to peak.

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