The 8 Best Apps for Google Pixel 7 Pro

Google Pixel 7 Pro stands out as a beacon of innovation, offering a seamless blend of cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features. To harness the full potential of this flagship device, one must curate a selection of apps that not only complement its capabilities but also elevate the overall user experience. In this exploration of “The Best Apps for Google Pixel 7 Pro,” we embark on a journey to uncover apps that transcend the ordinary, offering a perfect symbiosis of functionality and finesse. From optimizing your home screen to safeguarding your online privacy, each app selected for this review is a testament to the pursuit of excellence in the digital landscape. Without further ado, here are the best apps for Google Pixel 7 Pro!

Nova Launcher

Price: Free

Nova Launcher is a dynamic and user-friendly home screen replacement for Google Pixel 7 Pro. Offering advanced features for customization, Nova stands out as the go-to choice for those seeking a cleaner, faster home launcher. Embrace the latest Android launcher features, explore thousands of icon themes, and enjoy the convenience of night mode and dark theme settings. Nova’s customizable app drawer, with options like vertical or horizontal scroll, ensures a tailored experience. The unique subgrid positioning feature allows for precise layout adjustments. Nova Launcher’s optimization provides smooth, snappy animations, giving even older phones a fast and fluid feel. Explore Nova Launcher’s website to learn more details.

Nova Launcher on Google Play

DuckDuckGo Private Browser

Price: Free

DuckDuckGo browser is a robust alternative to traditional browsers, and it stands out among the best apps for Google Pixel 7 Pro. Unlike Chrome, this free browser incorporates over a dozen privacy protections, including a search engine that doesn’t track your history. Enjoy the default private search, block tracking cookies, and escape website trackers before they load. DuckDuckGo’s innovative features extend to blocking email trackers, protecting your privacy in other apps, and preventing fingerprinting attempts. With everyday privacy controls like the Fire Button and Global Privacy Control, DuckDuckGo sets a new standard for secure browsing. Visit DuckDuckGo’s website to learn more.

DuckDuckGo Private Browser on Google Play

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Manual Camera: DSLR Camera Pro

Price: $4.99

Transform your Google Pixel 7 Pro into a professional camera with the Manual Camera DSLR app. Offering full manual control over ISO, shutter speed, exposure, and more, this app takes mobile photography to new heights. Capture stunning photos and 4K UHD videos with features like manual focus, real-time filters, timelapse, and slow motion. With burst camera capabilities and adjustable settings, this app caters to both photography enthusiasts and casual users, ensuring seamless and fast camera performance in a compact, user-friendly interface, and it ranks among the best apps for Google Pixel 7 Pro.

Manual Camera: DSLR Camera Pro on Google Play


Price: Free

Snapseed is a comprehensive professional photo editing app developed by Google, and it is considered among the best apps for Google Pixel 7 Pro. With 29 tools and filters, including healing, perspective, and HDR, Snapseed opens up creative possibilities. Edit JPG and RAW files, save personal looks, and apply them to new photos with precise control. The selective filter brush allows for targeted adjustments, while tools like crop, rotate, and white balance ensure optimal image refinement. From vintage styles to modern film looks, Snapseed offers a wide range of features for users of all skill levels, making it an essential photo editing companion for Google Pixel 7 Pro owners.

SnapSeed on Google Play

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Material Notes: Colorful Notes

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $9.29

Material Notes is a beautifully designed app for capturing thoughts and inspiration, and it deserves to be among the best apps for Google Pixel 7 Pro. Create, organize, and search notes effortlessly, and set reminders for tasks. With features like PIN lock, star notes for quick access, and colorful notes for easy scanability, Material Notes offers a visually pleasing and functional note-taking experience. Customize your notes with different fonts, export and import them across devices, and enjoy the convenience of widgets for quick access. Material Notes is the perfect companion for those who appreciate both aesthetics and functionality in a note-taking app.

Material Notes: Colorful Notes on Google Play

Theme For P-ixel 7 Pro

Price: Free

Theme for Pixel 7 Pro is an excellent app that features high-quality HD stock wallpapers and custom icons. This app offers a seamless theme and wallpaper experience, allowing users to easily apply wallpapers, customize icons, and enjoy a fresh look for their devices. Compatible with various launchers, including Adw, Nova, and more, the app ensures flexibility in personalizing your home screen. Whether you prefer a minimalist or vibrant theme, Theme for Pixel 7 Pro provides an easy-to-use solution to elevate your device’s aesthetics.

Theme For P-ixel 7 Pro on Google Play

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Screen off – Widget & Tile

Price: Free

Screen off: Widget & Tile simplifies the process of turning off your screen, and it is among the best apps for Google Pixel 7 Pro. This invisible widget allows you to double-tap anywhere on the screen to turn it off, offering a convenient alternative to the power button. The app includes a quick settings tile for the same functionality, ensuring ease of access. By simulating a power button press, this app has no impact on battery life or resources, making it an efficient solution for users looking to enhance their device’s usability with a screen-off widget.

Screen off – Widget & Tile on Google Play

Energy Ring: Universal Edition

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $21.99

Energy Ring: Universal Edition is a unique battery indicator app designed for devices with punch-hole cameras. This original battery indicator adds a configurable ring around the camera lens, reflecting the current battery level. With minimal CPU load, Energy Ring offers customization options such as ring width, color changes based on battery level, and various animations. The app integrates with Access Dots to glow when apps or systems access the camera, microphone, or GPS, providing an additional layer of visual information. Compatible with a wide range of devices, the app is a visually appealing and functional addition to your Google Pixel 7 Pro.

Energy Ring: Universal Edition on Google Play

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