The 8 Best Android Flashlight Apps

Having a reliable flashlight app on your Android device is more than just a convenience; it’s a necessity. As we delve into the world of illumination, we’ve curated a list of the top contenders, presenting “The Best Android Flashlight Apps.” These apps go beyond the standard, offering unique features, user-friendly interfaces, and a commitment to both efficiency and privacy. From the simplicity of “Flashlight” to the vibrant hues of “Color Flashlight,” each app on this list brings something special to the table, promising to light up your world in more ways than one. Without further ado, here are the best Android flashlight apps!


Price: Free

Flashlight stands out among the best Android flashlight apps. This free application offers an uncluttered interface and operates with the utmost privacy, requiring no unnecessary permissions. If your device sports an LED flash, consider it the perfect companion. Unleash the potential of this app with its Strobe function, turning your phone into a real stroboscope. The features include a convenient widget for quick on/off toggle, a soft screen light for subtle illumination, and an instant start that fires up the LED in a blink. Impressively, it works even when the screen is off, doubling as a battery saver.

Flashlight on Google Play

Torch – Ultimate Flashlight

Price: Free

Torch – Ultimate Flashlight is an excellent flashlight app. This app transforms your device into a potent LED flashlight with just a click. Simple and user-friendly, it boasts three switches and a handy widget for quick access to your home screen. Perfect for nighttime use, the app features a dark/night mode to protect your eyes and your phone’s battery. Key functionalities include a camera LED, a bright screen, a strobe light, and a power-saving dark mode with AMOLED support.

Torch – Ultimate Flashlight on Google Play

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Tiny Flashlight + LED

Price: Free

Tiny Flashlight + LED is your go-to flashlight app offering both LED and screen modes. This simple yet powerful tool includes free plugins like Strobe, Morse, and Blinking Lights, making it a versatile productivity asset. Always accessible, optimized for battery life: emergency plugins: warning lights, strobe, morphe, and blinking lights. Get the best flashlight on the market with “Tiny Flashlight + LED.” Your device’s light is your way.

Tiny Flashlight + LED on Google Play

Icon Torch – Flashlight

Price: Free

Experience the epitome of simplicity with Icon Torch Flashlight. This LED flashlight app boasts a no-nonsense approach: – No interface – No ads – No settings – Not a widget – Compact size – Bright illumination. Activate the flashlight with a single tap on the icon, strategically placed on your desktop or navigation bar.

Icon Torch – Flashlight on Google Play

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Flashlight HD LED

Price: Free

Flashlight HD LED emerges as a powerhouse of brightness and simplicity, and it is considered among the best Android flashlight apps. Brightest and most powerful light – Simple, well-designed interface – Instant light with a single button press – Full-screen color light lamp – Quick-access widget. Compatible with most phones, including those where other apps falter, Flashlight HD LED is your trusted companion

Flashlight HD LED on Google Play

Color Flashlight

Price: Free

Transform your phone into a vibrant color flashlight with Color Flashlight. The app offers: – Light when and where you need it – Color and brightness customization – Cool effects: police light, candlelight, rainbow, disco ball, and more personalized messages, and a built-in strobe light. Navigate dark theaters, find your keys, or host your personal dance party with Color Flashlight. Brighten up your world, one color at a time.

Color Flashlight on Google Play

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Brightest Flashlight

Price: Free

Brightest Flashlight deserves to be among the best Android flashlight apps – your go-to solution for: – Activating all available lights on your device – Maximum Camera Flash LED brightness – Adjustable screen brightness – Enhanced keyboard and soft keys backlight – Notification LED at its brightest. This app excels in dark conditions, providing natural LED color for optimal contrast. 

Brightest Flashlight on Google Play

Flashlight: No Permissions

Price: Free

Fed up with intrusive flashlight apps? Flashlight: No Permissions is the antidote. This contains: – No location, personal info, or network activity reading – No annoying sounds or advertisements – Sole permission for camera access (for flash LED) – Tap screen to switch off. Embrace privacy and functionality with Flashlight: No Permissions. Illuminate your surroundings without compromise.

Flashlight: No Permissions on Google Play

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