The 6 Best Clock Widgets for Android

Widgets are known as small information tools used on phones. It has some content, such as weather, a clock, a calculator, and a calendar. Another definition of a widget is a tool usually found on Android phones and designed to provide easy access to frequently viewed apps.

Widgets make our lives much easier. The software developers who discovered this have developed and continue to develop many apps in this field. Clock widget apps are pretty practical and are used frequently during the day. Widgets are making themselves even more popular with their customizable features. But which ones are the best clock widgets for Android? Read on for the answer.

Chronus Information Widgets

Price: Free

Chronus Info Widgets features a set of stylish and customizable News, Clock, Weather, Fitness, Tasks, Stock, and Calendar widgets for the home screen and locked screen. Also, this app uses less CPU and is battery-friendly.

Moreover, the app has many features that will increase your productivity. The app sends Weather, Calendar, and task notifications and helps news readers stay up-to-date with a news feed panel with a built-in RSS feed. If you’re someone who likes to jot down their events, highlight upcoming calendar events with custom colors and bold font, and explore the calendar panel that displays a scrollable list of upcoming events.

Additionally, with Pro Features, you can get Unlimited DashClock Extension, a full Chronus Wear watch face with the weather forecast, stock alerts, a daydream screensaver, additional news providers (Feedly, X, Reddit), and additional task providers (Microsoft Exchange, Evernote, and Todoist) 

Chronus Information Widgets on Google Play

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Digital Clock Widget

Price: Free

The Digital Clock Widget app, a home screen digital clock and date widget for Android, offers lots of customization possibilities. With the RGB color picker, you can choose the color that suits you for the time, date, and background among thousands of colors. This app supports different time and date formats and is tablet-friendly. The material design UI of The Digital Clock Widget is liked by users and thus deserves to be among the best clock widgets for Android.

Digital Clock Widget on Google Play


Price: Free

​​ClockQ is one of the best Android clock widgets and also attracts attention with its 26 large fonts and unique colors. The app provides practical information such as weather information (°C/°F) and AM/PM indicators. If you want to customize your widget, you can take advantage of features such as shadow effects, rotation options, Holo themes, colors, font adjustments, and transparency options. In addition, the premium subscription includes 38 large fonts, battery-level information, and a Layout Editor.

ClockQ on Google Play

DIGI Clock Widget

Price: Free

DIGI Clock Widget is a handy clock widget app. It makes your life easier with widget preview and widget click action options during installation. There are multiple date formats and AM/PM indicators available in the app. There are also a lot of customization options. There are 2×1 small size, 4×1 and 5×1 medium size, and 4×2 big size widget size options, as well as 5×2 and 6×3 sizes for tablets. The opaque and transparent settings can be adjusted from 0% to 100%, and you can choose the font that appeals to your eyes with more than 40 fonts.

DIGI Clock Widget on Google Play

Weather & Clock Widget

Price: Free

Weather & Clock Widget, one of the best clock widgets for Android, will surprise you with the data it offers. It gives fundamental data like the current Weather hourly/daily forecast and 10-day future forecast and also provides additional information such as Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature units, relative humidity percentage, atmospheric pressure, visibility range, precipitation, UV Index, and dew point. If you like to watch the sunrise or sunset, you can access the time information on this app. If you are a frequent GPS user, you will love the app’s automatic location detection and network/GPS features. Additionally, you can make your widgets more personal with very elegant widgets, themes, and graphics.

Weather & Clock Widget on Google Play

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Circle Clock

Price: Free

Discover the finest clock widget collection for your Android device with Circle Clock. This exceptional widget offers an array of beautifully handpicked clock designs, ensuring a visually pleasing addition to your home screen. With its extensive customization options, you have the freedom to personalize your widget’s appearance, from text and background colors to font styles and second-hand animations. Stay punctual with the hourly chime feature, and adjust the size of the background and text separately for a perfect fit. Circle Clock also embraces modernity with Sticker/Bitmoji support and the option to open a custom app with a click.

Circle Clock on Google Play

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