The 8 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android and iPhone

Now phones and tablets are an indispensable part of people. The devices that we frequently use for work, to kill time, and for communication have limited battery life. Every time you charge your device, its battery wears out, reducing its total capacity and shortening its lifespan.

Did you know that when you only charge your device to 80%, the battery life can be extended by up to 200%? It is possible to extend the life of our devices with such tips, but is it sufficient? For this, battery-saving apps are used. Battery-saving apps analyze all the apps used on the device and consume the battery fast. And also the apps provide you with detailed information. Thus you can extend the battery life of your device. We have listed the best for you. Here are the best battery saver apps for Android and iPhone!

Kaspersky Battery Life: Saver & Booster

Price: Free

Kaspersky Battery Life monitors your device’s battery level, all apps running on your device, and their energy consumption. If the apps used start to consume too much energy, you will receive an automatic warning from the Kaspersky Battery Life. This way, the app can reduce the time your device is plugged into the charger and extend the battery life.

Kaspersky Battery Life: Saver & Booster on Google Play

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Battery Life Doctor Pro

Price: Free

Battery Life Doctor Pro is an app that guides device owners on battery life protection and is one of the best battery saver apps for iPhone. The app offers its users to monitor battery life, professional tips for Battery maintenance, and check battery usage. In addition, Battery Life Doctor Pro offers the possibility to check the available disk space and the occupied space. The app shows you the steps to clean your phone storage in detail and aims to help you use your device without battery trouble.

Battery Life Doctor Pro on the App Store

AccuBattery Monitor

Price: Free

AccuBattery Monitor is an app that allows you to get maximum efficiency from batteries with limited life and protects battery health. Users can extend their battery life even more with the charging alarm in the app. Users can discover the battery wear time thanks to the charging sessions in the app. Monitor how much battery your device is using with AccuBattery Monitor and find out how much power apps are using. Users can also discover the charger that charges their device the fastest with AccuBattery Monitor. The app provides the charging time and ends time information of your device. Thus users can get rid of the battery and charging anxiety.

AccuBattery on Google Play

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Smart Battery Widget

Price: Free

Smart Battery Widget is an outstandingly designed app to monitor your device’s Battery, Storage, and Network activity. The app provides four different real-time forecasts based on battery percentage and capacity. In this way, you know when you need to charge and continue to use your device accordingly. Smart Battery Widget has 3 Widgets for Battery status estimates, 3 Widgets for storage status estimates, 4 Graphical Widgets for network activity, and 2 Widgets for network package management.

In addition, Smart Battery Widget can estimate your usage capacity based on your current battery status and remaining device storage, thanks to smart algorithms.

Smart Battery Widget on the App Store

Battery Guru

Price: Free

A great app to help you change your charging habits with helpful tips, Battery Guru is among the best battery saver apps for Android. Users can monitor battery voltage, electric current, temperature, and much more with the app. Battery Guru takes care of battery health and optimizes its performance. Users can measure the charging current (in mA) to find out which charger is efficient for their phone with the Battery Guru. It is inevitable to extend the battery life of your device with the charging and temperature alarm notification in the app. 

Battery Guru on Google Play

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Full Power Battery+ 

Price: Free

Full Power Battery + is an app that attracts attention with its notification feature and style when your device is 100% charged. Full Power Battery + has two modes as foreground and background. In foreground mode, the screen brightness is automatically reduced by the app. The app runs in background mode and launching Siri while charging disables the app.

Full Power Battery+ on the App Store

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Price: Free

Greenify is one of the best battery saver apps for Android. The app helps you identify malfunctioning apps. Greenify uniquely prevents your device from lagging or draining your battery. Also, Greenify does not collect your data, it takes advantage of it to automate hibernation.

Greenify on Google Play

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Zen Battery

Price: Free

Zen Battery is one of the best battery saver apps for iPhone with its unique style. Users can change the color of the liquid inside the battery according to their style in the best way that suits their personality with Zen Battery. Also, just move the device to see how the liquid moves inside the Battery. Zen battery will let you know how many hours you have left to talk on the phone and surf the web, and when your device’s battery is charged, the app beeps.

Zen Battery on the App Store

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