The 7 Best Guitar Learning Apps

The guitar is a pitched musical instrument that usually has six strings and dates back to 4000 years. The guitar is a string instrument that comes in a variety of styles, including electric guitar, classical guitar, bass guitar, fretless guitar, seven-string guitar, acoustic guitar, and more.

Furthermore, if you want to learn to play the guitar but lack the time and budget to attend a course, you should definitely check out our list of guitar learning apps. We’ve reviewed and ranked the best guitar learning apps, allowing you to learn to play the guitar for free or at affordable costs whenever and wherever you want. Continue reading if you’re interested!


Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $179.99


Yousician is a useful guitar learning app that serves as your music instructor. Users can receive training in areas such as guitar, bass, and singing using the app. Yousician guides users by providing step-by-step videos and provides accuracy and timing control by listening to users play. Beginners, self-learners, guitarists, bassists, singers, music teachers, professionals, and more can easily use the app. 

In addition, Yousician users will have access to over 10,000 exercises, lessons, and songs from their favorite artists. The app teaches melodies, sight-reading sheet music, guitar chords, lead, fingerpicking, strumming, and more, as well as music theory and tutorials for every skill and chord. Go to Yousician’s website for more detailed information about the app.

Yousician on Google Play

Yousician on the App Store

Guitar Pro

Price: $5.49 for Google Play / $6.99 for the App Store

Guitar Pro is a superb app that all guitarists and guitarist candidates will enjoy using, and it is one of the best guitar learning apps available. The app allows users to practice whenever and wherever they want and integrates with the mySongBook sheet music portal. The app accepts GP3/4/5/6/7/8 (.gp) file formats and supports tab (rhythmic), slash, and standard notations. Guitar Pro includes an integrated note library with filter and search capabilities, as well as multi-channel volume, soundbanks, and a solo mute. Users of Guitar Pro have access to three zoom levels, a metronome, a visual countdown, instant tempo changes, a guitar or bass keyboard, instant global transposition with halftones, and other features. Check out Guitar Pro’s website to learn more detailed information.

Guitar Pro on Google Play

Guitar Pro on the App Store

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Fender Play

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $149.99

Fender Play is a guitar learning app that music enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels will enjoy. The app is an excellent resource for those interested in learning to play the electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, or ukulele. Users will learn guitar with Fender Play by accessing a powerful curriculum filled with video lessons from expert instructors. The app includes an extensive song library, and users can learn to play their favorite songs using Fender Play.

Moreover, the app helps users learn hundreds of guitar chords, sequences, songs, and riffs at their own pace and is one of the best guitar learning apps. Users can select from the following genres: rock, pop, funk, folk, country, or blues. Fender Play includes a variety of innovative features such as practice mode, mnemonics, tone integration, chord challenge, and spares to help users learn the guitar faster and easier. Visit Fender Play’s website for more information.

Fender Play on Google Play

Fender Play on the App Store

Guitar Lessons by GuitarTricks

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $179.99

Guitar Lessons by GuitarTricks

Guitar Lessons by GuitarTricks is an excellent app that aims to make learning guitar fun and easy by eliminating tedious exercises, and it deserves to be ranked among the best guitar learning apps. The app provides short and incremental videos to make it easier for users to focus and speed up their learning. Users can access more than 700 hit song tutorials with Guitar Lessons by GuitarTricks. 

Also, the app provides a basic learning system for beginners and provides guided videos for different guitar styles like rock, country, blues, and more for intermediate and advanced levels. Guitar Lessons by GuitarTricks provides users with high-quality tools and features such as a scale finder, chord finder, full, precise downloadable tabs, notations, reference tuner, keyboard trainer, and more. Browse the website of the app for more information.

Guitar Lessons by GuitarTricks on Google Play

Guitar Lessons by GuitarTricks on the App Store

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Justin Guitar Lessons & Songs

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $89.99

Justin Guitar Lessons Songs

With over 1 million users, Justin Guitar Lessons & Songs is a beautiful app that teaches guitar playing and tuning. The app offers effective beginner guitar lessons for beginners. The app comes with carefully selected songs for practice and helps users learn guitar at their own pace. Users can monitor their progress in the guitar learning process and effortlessly access over 1,000 hit songs with Justin Guitar Lessons & Songs. The app contains an easy-to-use guitar tuner and innovative color chords to help users learn guitar chords. To learn more information about the app, explore the website of the app.

Justin Guitar Lessons & Songs on Google Play

Justin Guitar Lessons & Songs on the App Store

GuitarTuna: Chords, Tuner, Songs

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $49.99

GuitarTuna ChordsTunerSongs

Another option for those who want to learn or improve how to play the guitar is GuitarTuna. The app provides accurate tuning on 15 popular string instruments, including bass and ukulele, as well as guitar. Users can achieve professional accuracy with GuitarTuna’s advanced voice recognition and use the app’s automatic mode for precise, knee-to-string tuning. The app offers users new songs weekly and allows them to request the songs they want to play. GuitarTuna includes a metronome, chord library, left-hand mode, chromatic tuner, alternative chords, chord games, and more.

GuitarTuna: Chords, Tuner, Songs on Google Play

GuitarTuna: Chords, Tuner, Songs on the App Store

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Simply Guitar – Learn Guitar

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $199.99

Simply Guitar Learn Guitar

Simply Guitar is a fun guitar learning app that allows you to play your favorite songs while learning the instrument. The app, considered one of the best guitar learning apps, allows users to learn to play the guitar at their own pace. Because the app does not require any prior knowledge, it is simple to understand and use. Simply Guitar teaches users how to play chords, change chords, read and play tabs, strumming techniques, and more. Simply Guitar allows users to receive immediate feedback on their guitar playing. For more information, go to Simply Guitar’s website.

Simply Guitar – Learn Guitar on Google Play

Simply Guitar – Learn Guitar on the App Store

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