Gen Z embraces long-form videos on social media

In an era dominated by bite-sized content, an interesting trend is emerging among Generation Z: a significant portion of this digital-native generation is dedicating time to long-form videos on social media. According to recent data from eMarketer, 53.1% of US Gen Zers are watching long-form videos on platforms typically associated with quick, easily digestible content.

While short-form videos remain the preferred format for 61.6% of Gen Z, the substantial engagement with longer videos is noteworthy. A July 2023 survey by Teachable highlighted that over half of Gen Z (51%) consider long-form social content to be among their favorite formats. This preference surpasses that of millennials, of whom only 40% expressed a similar inclination.

Gen Z’s engagement with long-form content spans a variety of genres and purposes. Platforms like TikTok, originally designed for short clips, are now being used by Gen Z to watch news segments, tutorials, and even full-length movies. This shift is reshaping how content is consumed and created on social media.

The appeal of long-form videos is not limited to viewers alone; social media platforms are increasingly recognizing the monetization potential. Longer videos provide more opportunities for ad placements, making them lucrative for advertisers. As a result, platforms are likely to promote and support long-form content to capitalize on this trend.

As the demand for long-form content grows, social media platforms are adapting. YouTube, known for its extensive library of long-form videos, continues to dominate, but other platforms are catching up. Instagram, with its IGTV, and TikTok, with extended video lengths, are making significant strides in catering to this demand.

One of the key reasons behind the popularity of long-form videos among Gen Z is the desire for in-depth information and education. Tutorials, how-to videos, and educational content that require more time to convey detailed information are increasingly sought after. This trend indicates a shift towards more substantial and informative content consumption.

For content creators, this trend presents new opportunities and challenges. There is a growing need to produce high-quality, engaging long-form content that can hold viewers’ attention. Creators who can adapt to this demand stand to benefit from increased viewership and monetization opportunities.

The future of long-form content on social media looks promising. As platforms continue to innovate and find new ways to support longer videos, the trend is likely to gain even more traction. The ability to provide comprehensive, engaging content that caters to the interests and needs of Gen Z will be crucial in maintaining and growing viewership.

Written by Sophie Blake


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