TikTok dominates social media usage among US adults, eMarketer reports

In a landscape dominated by social media platforms, TikTok emerges as the frontrunner in capturing the attention of US adults aged 18 to 54, according to recent insights from eMarketer’s forecast

Delving into the data reveals a compelling narrative. Among US adults aged 18 to 24, TikTok reigns supreme, with individuals spending an average of 77 minutes per day on the platform. Remarkably, the figure is approaching the amount of time this demographic allocates to traditional linear TV, standing at 86 minutes daily. The ascent of TikTok to this level of engagement signals a seismic shift in how younger audiences prioritize their media consumption.

However, eMarketer’s Social Time Spent by Generation 2024 report highlights a nuanced trend. While TikTok remains a powerhouse among younger demographics, its growth trajectory in this segment appears to be moderating. This slowdown in usage growth is attributed to an influx of ads on the platform, which may be driving some users to explore alternative platforms.

Interestingly, the allure of TikTok extends beyond its traditional Gen Z demographic. As the platform evolves and diversifies its content offerings, older users are increasingly drawn to its appeal. eMarketer’s forecast predicts a notable uptick in time spent on TikTok among adults aged 55 to 64, with a projected increase of 6.3% in 2025. This demographic is anticipated to spend an average of 39 minutes per day on the platform, reflecting TikTok’s expanding appeal across age brackets.

The evolving landscape of social media usage underscores TikTok’s remarkable trajectory from a niche platform catering to younger audiences to a mainstream powerhouse with broad-based appeal. As TikTok continues to refine its content algorithms and diversify its advertising strategies, its influence on digital engagement patterns is poised to deepen further, reshaping the social media landscape for years to come.

Written by Sophie Blake


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