Facebook was the leading social media channel for brand interactions in 2023 – report

According to February 2024 data from Attest, Facebook held its ground as the leading social media channel for brand interactions among US internet users in 2023, capturing a significant 61.5%. However, the report also highlighted the notable rise of YouTube, growing to 60.3% and marking a substantial 10.4% increase from 2022.

Beyond the numerical rankings, a deeper exploration reveals intriguing shifts in user behavior. TikTok emerges as a pivotal player, experiencing the most substantial change in brand interaction, with an impressive nearly eight percentage points YoY increase. This underscores the platform’s growing influence as a dynamic space for brand engagement.

In the competitive landscape of social media, it’s essential for brands to establish a presence across multiple platforms. However, the success of brand content is intricately tied to understanding each platform’s unique dynamics, optimal formats, and target audiences. Notably, the demographic differences between Facebook and YouTube users should guide content strategies. While Facebook’s user base tends to skew older, favoring more traditional content, YouTube’s audience is often more receptive to edgy and experimental material.

The data underscores a broader trend: brand interactions surged across most evaluated platforms between 2022 and 2023, emphasizing the continued vitality of social media as a primary space for consumer outreach. The exception in this upward trajectory was observed with platforms X and Twitch, indicating that understanding the specific dynamics of each platform remains crucial for effective brand communication.

Written by Maya Robertson


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