The 5 Best Sleep Apps for Apple Watch

As it is known, Apple introduced a local sleep tracking app to Apple Watch users with WatchOS 7. However, if you are looking for a third party sleep tracker other than the Apple Watch Sleep app, there are very good alternatives. You can easily track your sleep by choosing from among the best sleep apps for Apple Watch we have selected for you.

The Best Sleep Apps for Apple Watch

Here are the best sleep trackers for Apple Watch! 


Price: $4.99

The most important feature that distinguishes AutoSleep from its competitors is that it starts tracking your sleep automatically, unlike some sleep apps that require you to tell them when you go to bed.

If you wear your watch while you sleep, AutoSleep will automatically track your sleep quality and send you a notification in the morning without you having to do anything. If you don’t wear your Watch to bed, AutoSleep will know that you finished sleeping when you touch your iPhone or when you wear your watch again in the morning.

As one of the best sleep trackers for Apple Watch, AutoSleep measures your sleep quality, average heart rate, deep sleep duration and more for you. 

It also provides you with a variety of weekly reports, showing you how far you have to reach your sleep goals. And by guiding you to sleep earlier, it motivates you to avoid external factors that will sabotage your sleep quality.

AutoSleep on the App Store

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Price: Free / $9.99 per month

One of the best sleep apps for Apple Watch, Pillow automatically analyzes your sleep cycles as long as you wear your Watch while sleeping. Pillow, which can also be used as a smart alarm clock that allows you to wake up during the lightest possible sleep stage, also lets you record important audio events such as snoring, sleep apnea and sleep talking.

The app, which you can also use for powernaps and full-cycle naps, also has Apple Health app integration to let you compare your sleep quality with many Health metrics like heart rate. 

If you purchase one of Pillow’s paid subscription packages, which provides very detailed sleep analysis, you can also access more features such as sleep aid content, sleep tips and unlimited sleep history analysis.

Pillow on the App Store

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Price: Free / $1.99

If you are looking for the best free sleep app for Apple Watch, Sleep++ is a very good alternative for you, with its automatic sleep tracking system, sleep goal tracking, bedtime reminder, cycle analysis, sleep trends, and more. 

Sleep++ is not as detailed and multi-functional app as AutoSleep and Sleep Cycle but the fact that it is free makes it preferable. If you are looking for a good sleep tracking app that you can use on your Watch, you can definitely consider Sleep++ app for basic sleep tracking.

Sleep++ on the App Store

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Sleep Cycle

Price: Free / $29.99

Sleep Cycle, which allows you to wake up at the lighter stage of your sleep cycle in the alarm range you set, offers a different approach for those who have sleeping problems.

By using the free version of the app, you can access detailed sleep analysis integrated with Apple Health and intelligent snoozing. You need to purchase the premium version to take a backup of your sleep data, access information such as how the weather affects your sleep, and get comparative sleep statistics.

Sleep Cycle on the App Store

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Sleep Pulse 3

Price: $3.99

As one of the best sleep trackers for Apple Watch, Sleep Pulse 3 allows you to set sleep goals, track your resting heart rate, motion, and sleep analysis. What makes it different from its competitors is that it is a standalone app for Apple Watch that analyzes your sleep right from your Watch, not on your iPhone.  Supporting audio tracking for sleep talk, Sleep Pulse 3 also lets you track naps. 

Sleep Pulse 3 on the App Store

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