The 6 Best Running Apps for Apple Watch

As you know, one of the best activities for both health and excess weight is walking at a certain pace or running. In fact, it is underlined that it is very important to take 10 thousand steps a day. Apple Watch, on the other hand, has a set of sensors to track your location, heart rate, movement speed, etc. In this article, we’ve listed the best running apps for Apple Watch that will allow you to track calories burned, distance runned, heart rate, and more.

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Nike Run Club

Price: Free

Undoubtedly, Nike Run Club is one of the best Apple Watch running apps with its device synchronization support and tracking many metrics such as Running speed, distance, GPS route, elevation, heart rate and mile splits. It is available as a completely standalone app for Apple Watch so that you can use its features without your iPhone. 

The app, which also keeps logs of your past runs and tracks indoor runs, is especially ideal for non-professional runners. In the app, you can personalize settings for features like auto pause, performance updates frequency, and more, based on your preferences. 

In the app, which has a very simple Apple Watch interface, you can start your run very quickly, and while you are running, you can listen to music from Apple Music or Spotify.

Nike Run Club on the App Store

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Price: $6.99

As one of the best running apps for Apple Watch, WorkOutDoors claims that it is the only workout app for the Apple Watch that displays a detailed vector map whilst you exercise. At the same time, you can use WorkOutDoors, a highly configurable app with over 300 live metrics, graphs, and buttons that can be viewed in many different screen layouts, not only for running but also for different activities such as cycling, hiking, skiing, geocaching.

Maps can also be stored on the Apple Watch for use when you don’t have an iPhone or can’t get a data signal. Maps for the whole world are included in the price of the app so you won’t need to purchase any further in-app purchases or subscriptions.

WorkOutDoors on the App Store

ASICS Runkeeper

Price: Free

In Runkeeper, which you can easily use by leaving your iPhone at home, you can simply start tracking your run and view the simple metrics you need such as pace, heart rate, distance, calories burned.

The app, which has integration with health and fitness apps such as Fitbit and MyFitnessPal, also supports Spotify and Apple Music for you to boost your motivation. 

If you are a 5K or marathon runner, you may need to get one of the subscription packages starting from $9.99 to get the maximum efficiency from the app.

Runkeeper on the App Store

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Price: $4.99

As one of the best Apple Watch running apps, iSmoothRun provides a standalone app that allows you to log and track your running. In the app which offers a highly configurable layout, you can connect your BT sensors to your Watch and leave your iPhone at home. 

In iSmoothRun, you can auto sync structured workout plans with Training Peaks and Final Surge (requires Pro subscription), connect with these services and have your structured workouts directly on your Apple Watch. 

iSmoothRun on the App Store


Price: Free

Strava is one of the most popular running apps where you can analyze and track both your indoor and outdoor runs on your Apple Watch. Tracking progress is very simple in the app, which allows you to discover new routes, participate in monthly challenges and compete with others. 

You can use the app for free, which is integrated with many health and fitness apps such as Garmin and FitBit. If you want to get workout and training plans tailored for you, or use it for different types of sports such as swimming and skiing, you can consider purchasing one of its paid subscriptions starting at $ 7.99.

Strava on the App Store

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Price: Free / $9.99 for membership

Adapting to your ever-evolving fitness to learn what kind of runner you are and prescribe running training that is personalized and tailored to your skill set, Stryd is one of the best running apps for Apple Watch, for anyone looking to improve their running performance.

Having a combination of advanced sensor technology and an automated training ecosystem, the app will give you your personalized and optimal training routine, stride-by-stride guidance during every run, and in-depth insights that help all runners, from beginners to Olympic champions, regularly push their running performance to the next level.

Stryd on the App Store

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