Apple Watch Alerts Famous Youtuber To Elevated Heart Rate

Apple Watch alerted Joel Telling, the owner of the YouTube channel 3D Printing Nerd, to his elevated heart rate. Famous YouTuber went to the emergency after this notification and found out that he had tachycardia.

The importance of wearable technology is increasing day by day. This time Apple Watch notified a Youtuber with 365,000 subscribers of an elevated heart rate. Apple Watch told him that his heart rate was above 120 bpm for more than 10 minutes and that he needed medical attention.

According to Joel Telling, tests did not reveal any pulmonary embolism or irregular heart electrical activity. He said that the cause of tachycardia may be stress and dehydration from his recent journey. After a few bags of fluids, his heart rate returned to normal.

We hope he’ll get better soon. ?

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Written by Maya Robertson


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