7 Free Sleep Sound Apps

Coping with the fast pace of modern life and experiencing quality sleep have become increasingly valuable with each passing day. Thankfully, thanks to the opportunities offered by technology today, achieving this balance has become easier through a range of mobile apps that provide soothing sleep sounds.

Sleep sound apps offer a wide array of options tailored to different tastes and needs. Whether you desire to sleep to the gentle sound of a light rain or immerse yourself in a peaceful dream world with the soft breeze of the wind, these apps grant you the freedom to create the atmosphere you desire.

In this review article, we covered free sleep sound apps. Each of these apps stands out with its unique features and user experiences, potentially bringing a fresh perspective to your quest for a better night’s sleep. Without further ado, here are the free sleep sound apps!


BetterSleep is one of the free sleep sound apps that offers a wide variety of soothing sounds to help you relax and improve your sleep quality. With a user-friendly interface, you can easily select from a range of calming sounds such as gentle waves, raindrops, and forest ambiance. The app’s simple design and an extensive sound library make it an excellent choice for those seeking a peaceful night’s sleep.

In addition, BetterSleep provides a customizable timer feature, allowing you to set the duration of the sounds to match your preferences. Whether you’re dealing with stress or simply want to enhance your sleep routine, BetterSleep has you covered. For more detailed information, explore BetterSleep’s website.

BetterSleep on Google Play

BetterSleep on the App Store

White Noise Deep Sleep Sounds

Looking for a way to drown out distractions and enjoy a restful sleep? White Noise Deep Sleep Sounds might be the answer. This app offers a collection of high-quality white noise and ambient sounds, including fan noise, rainstorms, and flowing water. It’s minimalist design and user-friendly interface make it easy to find the perfect sound to lull you into a deep slumber. The app also includes a timer feature, allowing you to set the duration of the sounds to help you fall asleep naturally.

White Noise Deep Sleep Sounds on Google Play

White Noise Deep Sleep Sounds on the App Store

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Relax And Sleep Well Hypnosis

If you’re open to exploring alternative methods for better sleep, Relax And Sleep Well Hypnosis could be worth considering. This app combines relaxation techniques with guided hypnosis sessions to help you achieve a state of deep relaxation before sleep and ranks among the free sleep sound apps.

Moreover, the app covers various themes such as stress reduction, anxiety relief, and peaceful sleep. While individual experiences may vary, many users find the soothing voice and calming scripts to be effective in promoting a restful night’s sleep.

Relax And Sleep Well Hypnosis on Google Play

Relax And Sleep Well Hypnosis on the App Store


Calm is more than just a sleep sound app; it’s a comprehensive relaxation and meditation tool. Along with its impressive library of soothing sounds like ocean waves and crackling fires, Calm offers guided meditation sessions, breathing exercises, and sleep stories narrated by well-known voices.

Furthermore, the app’s sleek design and extensive content make it a versatile choice for anyone looking to improve their sleep and overall well-being. While it offers a subscription option for premium content, Calm’s free features still provide plenty of value for those seeking a peaceful night’s rest. To learn more, visit Calm’s website.

Calm on Google Play

Calm on the App Store

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Rain Rain Sleep Sounds

For those who find comfort in the sound of raindrops, Rain Rain Sleep Sounds is a straightforward and effective app, and it is considered one of the free sleep sound apps. With a variety of rain sounds to choose from, including gentle rain, heavy downpours, and distant thunder, this app aims to create a relaxing atmosphere conducive to sleep.

Additionally, the app’s interface is easy to navigate, and you can mix and match different rain sounds to find your perfect combination. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day or need assistance falling asleep, Rain Rain Sleep Sounds offers a simple solution.

Rain Rain Sleep Sounds on Google Play

Rain Rain Sleep Sounds on the App Store

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle takes a unique approach to improving your sleep by analyzing your sleep patterns and waking you up during your lightest sleep phase. While it offers features beyond sleep sounds, such as sleep tracking and smart alarms, the app also includes a selection of relaxing sounds to help you wind down. From calming melodies to nature sounds, Sleep Cycle provides options to create a soothing bedtime routine. If you’re interested in a more holistic sleep app that considers your sleep cycles, Sleep Cycle might be a valuable addition to your nighttime routine. To learn more, go to Sleep Cycle’s website.

Sleep Cycle on Google Play

Sleep Cycle on the App Store

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Sleep Orbit

Sleep Orbit offers a diverse range of ambient sounds designed to create a tranquil environment for sleep. From celestial tones to calming melodies, the app lets you customize your sleep experience. Its intuitive interface allows you to mix different sounds and adjust their volume to suit your preferences. Sleep Orbit also includes a timer feature, enabling you to set the duration of the sounds to gently guide you into slumber, and it stands out among the free sleep sound apps. Go to Sleep Orbit’s website to learn more.

Sleep Orbit on Google Play

Sleep Orbit on the App Store

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