The Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch

Apple Watch is a useful tool for tracking your exercise and health. Apple Watch golf apps, in particular, can help improve your golf experience while also improving your game. Here are some of the best golf apps for Apple Watch that handle stats, tracking, score keeping, shot selection and more.

The Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch

  1. Tag Heuer Golf
  2. TheGrint
  3. Trivit
  4. Golf Pad: Golf GPS & Scorecard
  5. Zepp Golf
  6. Hole19
  7. Golf GPS SwingU

Tag Heuer Golf

Typically known for his high-quality watches, Tag Heuer has created one of the most stylish golf apps around. Tag Heuer Golf, formerly known as Fun Golf GPS, is professionally designed and constantly supported with bug fixes and new features. 

As one of the best Apple Watch golf apps, it allows you to access over 39,000 maps of golf courses around the world and check your distance from the course as you mark hazards. You can also measure your shot distance, record your scores and get professional insights on how to improve your game. 

Using the app, you can also save your golf rounds as workouts in the Apple Health app to keep track of your fitness level. To access additional features such as saving your scores instantly and visualizing real-time statistics, you need to upgrade to a paid subscription. Subscriptions range from $7.99 per month to $49.99 per year. 

Tag Heuer Golf on the App Store

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TheGrint is an Apple Watch golf app with features that allow golfers to connect with their golf buddies, see their scores and comment on their play. The free version of the app includes handicap scoring and GPS rangefinder for over 37,000 golf courses worldwide.

Using the app you can build foursomes and compete with other groups in real time, learn your strengths and weaknesses by viewing stats, and track scores for in-golf games like Skins.

The Apple Watch golf app offers different subscription options including monthly membership for $3.99, pro membership for $39.99.

TheGrint on the App Store


Trivit is not a golf app, but a great companion on the course. Trivit is officially a tallying app made for tracking and counting anything with a quick tap of your Apple Watch. However, if you take a look at the reviews of the app, you can see that there are many people who use it for golf score keeping.

This is a great tool for keeping track of your golf swings and offers a feature that other dedicated golf apps sometimes overlook. You can use it to track strokes per hole, hits to green, or total strokes throughout the game.

Trivit on the App Store

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Golf Pad: Golf GPS & Scorecard

Next in our list of the best golf apps for Apple Watch is Golf Pad, a golf GPS rangefinder, scorecard and shot tracker. It offers an impressive array of free features, including detailed scoring, maps, one-tap shot tracker, and social media integration.

You can start using the app without needing to sign up. To use the Golf Pad with your Apple Watch, you’ll need to subscribe to the $29.99 Golf Pad Premium (annual), which also includes handicap scoring and advanced player stats.

Golf Pad on the App Store

Zepp Golf

Zepp is an educational app that aims to improve your game before taking a course. One of the best Apple Watch golf apps, Zepp’s video features let you capture your shot and add special effects like ball tracking and voiceover. When you’re done, you can share your highlights with your friends or the Zepp community.

If you want to further develop your skills and improve your swing by instantly measuring the most important aspects of your swing, including club speed and backswing length, you can consider buying a Zepp Golf Sensor.

Zepp Golf on the App Store

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Hole19 is a free golf GPS and scorecard app that gives quite accurate distances everywhere on the course and keeps your rounds stored in one place. Allowing you to access over 43,000 golf courses in 201 countries, the Apple Watch golf app lets you easily measure shot distances to the front, back, and center of the green and all key hazards and targets.

The app also provides course ratings and reviews to let you find the best golf courses to play. If you want an ad-free in-app experience and more advanced features including match play to challenge your friends and a distance tracker for your Apple Watch, you can consider purchasing one of the subscription options ($9.99 per month, $49.99 per 6 months or $69.99 per year). 

Hole19 on the App Store

Golf GPS SwingU

As one of the best golf apps for App Watch, SwingU is a free golf GPS rangefinder and scorecard app that is used by over 6 million golfers worldwide. The free-for-life app allows you to track your scores, putts and automatically advances hole-to-hole. 

The rangefinder function of the app, which you can use on almost every golf course in the world, allows you to easily find the distance to the center of the green. You can also use the satellite photos provided in the app to calculate distances.

SwingU on the App Store

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