Social commerce sales set to nearly double in the US

In a notable shift within the American e-commerce landscape, the annual social commerce sales per buyer are poised for substantial growth. According to the latest forecast by Insider Intelligence, the figures are anticipated to nearly double from $627.8 in 2023 to an impressive $1,223.7 by 2027.

This substantial increase signifies an encouraging trend, driven by a surge in the amount of money spent by individual buyers, rather than a significant influx of new buyers into the social commerce sphere.

What sets this trend apart is not just the uptick in the number of users participating in social commerce but the fact that these users are actively and willingly opening their wallets to make purchases through social media channels.

Despite the vast presence of social media users, the majority of them are not on these platforms with a specific intention to shop. This poses a unique challenge for social giants like Meta (formerly Facebook) and TikTok, as they aim to convert casual browsers into active and consistent buyers.

One intriguing aspect highlighted in the report is the growing popularity of TikTok Shop, which was rolled out in September. The sales underscore the success of the short-form video platform’s entry into the social commerce arena. This showcases how platforms with diverse content can effectively harness social commerce to their advantage.

Moreover, the report points out that social media platforms are progressively claiming a more significant share of the overall retail e-commerce sales landscape, indicating their pivotal role in influencing consumers’ purchase behaviors and decisions.

This data further underscores the shifting dynamics of online shopping, emphasizing the growing impact of social media in shaping the future of e-commerce in the United States. The increase in social commerce sales comes as no surprise, a study conducted in early 2023 showed that social commerce revenue is underreported by 245%

Written by Gizem Yılmaz


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