The 20 Best Strategy Games

For fans of the strategy genre, we have compiled some of the most enjoyable strategy games in the game world. These productions, each promising tens of hours of gameplay, will connect you to the screen. Here are the best strategy games, some set in a dystopian world, some on the facades of history, some set in the distant future.

The Best Strategy Games

  1. Total War: WARHAMMER II
  2. Age of Empires IV
  3. XCOM
  4. Crusader Kings 3
  5. Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden
  6. Europa Universalis IV
  7. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II
  8. Factorio
  9. Frostpunk
  10. Hearts of Iron IV
  11. Northgard
  12. Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus
  1. Civilization VI
  2. Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault
  3. XCOM 2
  4. Europa Universalis IV
  5. Sins of a Solar Empire
  6. Homeworld
  7. Crusader Kings
  8. Desperados


Platforms: PC

A classic of the strategy genre, Total War combines strategy formulas with fantastic elements with the Warhammer: Total War trilogy. Total War: Warhammer II, on the other hand, stands out with its much more consistent campaign and battle mechanics compared to both the first and last game of the trilogy. The popular production will embark even history buffs on the fantasy ship with different additional packages.

Age of Empires IV

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

The fourth ring of the Age of Empire series, which came years later, managed to get a passing grade from the players. The game, which remains loyal to the series and brings innovations to the strategy we are used to, can be played by anyone with an Xbox Game Pass subscription. We think that strategy fans who spent hundreds of hours in Age of Empires II will love the new game in the series.


Platforms: PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android

XCOM, the pioneer of the turn-based strategy genre, will lock you up for hours. The XCOM series, which makes its formulas more successful with each game, asks you to lead a secret military organization in the alien-infested world. In your XCOM unit, where every soldier is invaluable, you must carefully consider your steps and make effective risk calculations.

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Crusader Kings 3

Platforms: PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Xbox Cloud Gaming

Crusader Kings 3, one of the best strategy games developed by Paradox Entertainment, opens the doors to a world full of strategy, diplomacy and intrigue in the Middle Ages. You will spend tens of hours in the medieval world, where everything is possible to raise your dynasty, and you will never be able to leave the game.

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden takes the turn-based strategy components of XCOM into a posthuman world. The game, in which we steered the mutants, received more than 11 thousand reviews on Steam with its innovative gameplay mechanics. Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, which was offered for sale with a Very Positive rating, was available for free on Epic Games in the past months.

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Europa Universalis IV

Platform: PC

Bringing the Middle Ages to the screens in all its splendor, Europa Universalis IV invites you to a gigantic journey starting from the Renaissance. In this journey full of trade, diplomacy, intrigue and war, you can bend history in line with your will and lead the nation you rule to victory.

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II

Platform: PC

One of the best strategy games, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II takes players to a far distant future where only war and chaos reign.

Simultaneous strategy lovers should definitely play the game where we direct the human race, the selfish and arrogant Eldar armies, or the Orcs fighting with machine guns.


Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch

Factorio is coming to test the practical abilities of industrial engineers with its incredibly detailed structure. Factorio promises a real strategy experience with its modest visuals and increasingly complex structure. We definitely recommend Factorio to those who like to deal with machines, cables, circuits and other blessings of the industrial world.

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Platforms: PC, Xbox Cloud Gaming, PS4, PS5, Xbox One

Frostpunk takes players to a post-apocalyptic time when the world is dominated by deadly cold. In the game where you direct one of the last living colonies, you must protect your people from the cold and create a sustainable living space by using everything you have.

Hearts of Iron IV

Platforms: PC

Hearts of Iron IV, another Paradox Interactive game, offers the opportunity to manage the fronts of the Second World War from our keyboard. Proving the developer’s experience in strategy games, the production is among the favorite games of strategists who focus on recent history.


Platforms: PC, Android, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One

Northgard, where players who love Norse mythology will have a lot of fun playing, invites players to the leadership of a Viking clan. Choosing whichever clan you want to dominate the continent, Northgard is one of the strategy games that is easy to learn but difficult to master.

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Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus

Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Android

Another production that combined the world of Warhammer 40,000 with strategy was Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus. The production, which strengthens turn-based strategy mechanics with its own innovations, invites players to manage a military unit called Adeptus Mechanicus.

Mechanicus’ half-human half-machine units aim to destroy the Human Empire’s enemies in deep space.

Civilization VI

Platforms: PC, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One

If you want to explore, pursue an expansionist policy, exploit territories and destroy enemies, Civilization VI is one of the best strategy games for you.

In the game, you can access new resources by moving your scouts around the map, acquire new regions, collect underground and aboveground resources of the regions you control, and attack opponent players and eliminate them from the game.

In this production, which is described as a multiplayer strategy game, every step you take can change the fate of the world. The updates and downloadable content released for Civilization IV are all too good for a strategy game.

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Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault

Platform: PC

This production, which took its place in the markets on June 25, 2013 and was developed with a game engine called Essence Engine 3.0, includes single and multiplayer game modes. Company of Heroes 2, which has difficulty in finding a place for itself in the best real-time strategy games lists, can now find a place for itself in almost every list prepared on this subject, thanks to this expansion pack.

Ardennes Assault, which is about the Second World War, actually plays an event known as the Ardennes Offensive in history, which took place after the Normandy Landing and is described as the biggest battle on the European front.


Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, PS4, Xbox One

XCOM 2, one of the first games that comes to mind when it comes to turn-based strategy games, managed to find itself in this list. Developed by Firaxis Games and published with the help of 2K Games, XCOM 2 was launched six years ago. It is a sequel to XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Trying to prevent an alien invasion, a military unit called XCOM loses to the aliens. Earth is invaded by aliens. You will witness that this group, which has turned into a totalitarian and military dictatorship due to the lost war, tries to expel the aliens. Single player and multiplayer game modes are waiting for you.

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Europa Universalis IV

Platform: PC

The fourth game in the Europa Universalis series, this production was released 9 years ago for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is described as a real-time strategy game. It has single player and multiplayer modes. By taking control of a state in Europa Universalis 4, you must take advantage of diplomatic tools, policy, and military capabilities and defeat other states. You should try to grow with many alternative tools.

The game’s time frame is from 1444 to 1821. Within these dates, you can start the game with the country you want in the game and on the date you want. If you wish, you can try to take over the world with military force, dominate the steppe as a predatory nomadic state, establish a colonial empire, or take over the commercial activities in your region as a trading state.

Sins of a Solar Empire

Platform: PC

Equipped with strategy and war elements, this game was put on sale in 2008. Characterized as a real-time strategy game, Sins of a Solar Empire is similar to Civilization VI in terms of gameplay.

In this game where you control a space empire, you must capture star systems using military, economic and diplomatic tools. You can also spend time with your friends in Sins of a Solar Empire, one of the best strategy games.


Platform: PC

Homeworld, the second Relic Entertainment production on the list together with Company of Heroes, is a sci-fi themed real-time strategy game set in space. In the first game where we direct the journey of the survivors after the Taiidan Empire destroyed their homes, our goal is to gather resources, build a strong fleet, attack enemy ships and return to our home. If the subject interests you, you can find the Homeworld Remastered Collection, which includes the first two games of the series, on Steam.

Crusader Kings

Platforms: PC, Xbox Series X/S, PS5

Another game in which land management is the leading role is Crusader Kings. If we say that the series takes us to the depths of strategy, it is the place to be. Since each of the characters you choose has different characteristics, you should be a little more careful when giving your orders.

It is extremely important to play by thinking that your relatives also have power in management. Because you need to pay attention to these elements in the adventure, which also includes situations such as inheritance. In addition, it offers a wide range of options in terms of gameplay. Offering a different gaming experience, Crusader Kings also finds its place among the best strategy games.

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Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4

The Desperados series, in which we played with characters with different abilities, proved how good a series it is with its last game. The freedom it offers in chapters gives players more than one way to pass a chapter.

Desperados offers a very different experience thanks to its wide variety of characters. However, the game is a masterpiece with its section designs that will not let you get bored while presenting this experience to us. Desperados series, which makes you feel the dust of the Wild West with the dialogue of the characters, does what many games cannot do and reflects the past in a very good way.

Written by Sophie Blake


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