The Best Strategy Games for iPhone

Strategy games have now become a popular genre on mobile as well as on PC. We can even say that they capture the pleasure of strategy on PC with increasingly detailed maps, stories and graphics. For those who want to carry the adventure of strategy games that started with Age of Empires to mobile, we have compiled today’s best mobile strategy games.

With the games on the list, you will sometimes rule a country, sometimes an army. At the end of the day, what will lead you to victory will be your strategies. Here are the best strategy games for iPhone.

The Best Strategy Games for iPhone

  1. Bloons TD 6
  2. SimCity BuildIt
  3. Mushroom Wars 2: Tower defense
  4. Vainglory
  5. Hearthstone
  6. Plague Inc
  7. March of Empires
  8. World Conqueror 3
  9. The Escapists: Prison Escape
  10. Grepolis
  11. Civilization VI
  12. XCOM: Enemy Within
  13. The Battle of Polytopia
  14. Company of Heroes
  15. Fire Emblem Heroes

Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6 is currently one of the most popular strategy games on the App Store with millions of downloads and thousands of positive reviews. In the game you will craft your perfect defense from a combination of awesome Monkey Towers, upgrades, Heroes, and activated abilities, then pop every last invading Bloon, there are 22 monkey towers, 13 heroes, 60 maps, and more. 

Bloons TD 6 on the App Store

SimCity BuildIt

City building games have always been among the most popular mobile strategy games. SimCity is one of the best of these games. In your adventure that you start as a small city, you make all the decisions as your city grows. While creating the city of your dreams, you also have to make your people happy. You need to create gardens, parks, skyscrapers, in short, a metropolis by spending resources correctly.

SimCity BuildIt on the App Store

Mushroom Wars 2: Tower defense

It may be one of the most difficult mobile strategy games. It has such a difficulty that many players have to leave the game halfway. That’s why it’s one of the best strategy games for iPhone for those who love hard. The game, which received many awards in 2017, is about the battles you will wage with mushroom armies. You can also play against real players.

Mushroom Wars 2 on the App Store

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This strategy game in the MOBA genre has millions of downloads. Playing strategy games should always be fun as well as competitive. Here Vainglory is one of those games. On the one hand, you can defeat the opponent players with your own strategies, and on the other hand, you can continue to strengthen your character with items. It will be very difficult to do both at the same time and to establish a strategy.

Vainglory on the App Store


Hearthstone may be one of the first choices of those who want to download mobile strategy games. HS, which is also popular among PC strategy games and has a lot of players, has become equally popular in the mobile world. In the game we play with card decks, each card has different strengths and features. You have to beat your opponents with the decks you have prepared before. So make sure you make a good deck.

Hearthstone on the App Store

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Plague Inc

Your mission in Plague Inc, which has a very different subject than the other strategy games on our list, is to unleash the deadly virus you found on the whole world and bring the world to an end. Even if the aim of your character in the game is not good, we can guarantee that the time you will spend will be very enjoyable.

Plague Inc on the App Store

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March of Empires

You can compete against real players with your friends or directly yourself. On the one hand, you are trying to strengthen your castle and on the other hand, you are trying to take over the world. In the game where there are more than one sultan, you can be the sultan of the mountains, the desert or the north if you wish. As you win battles, you gain new powers. You can use these powers to improve yourself faster.

March of Empires on the App Store

World Conqueror 3

World Conqueror 3 mobile strategy game, which was released in 2015, is still among the best strategy games for iPhone and Android. There are 32 historical subjects and many more different subjects in the game. We need to win all the wars we participate in with our military intelligence and strategy. 

World Conqueror 3 on the App Store

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The Escapists: Prison Escape

One of the most popular examples of the mobile strategy genre, The Escapists is a prison escape sandbox game where your mission is to create an escape route in a world of other prisoners and ruled by routine. 

The Escapists on the App Store


At the end of our list of the best strategy games for iPhone is Grepolis, with millions of downloads. In the game, which is based on Greek mythology, we can be any of the Greek gods. Each hero has their own strengths and traits. You have to help your city and your troops with these heroes. At the same time, you need to build and grow your own city.

Grepolis on the App Store

Civilization VI

One of the most celebrated strategy franchises, Civilization VI, has successfully made its mark on the mobile platform. Offering an intricate blend of city-building, diplomacy, and warfare, this game challenges players to lead their civilization from the ancient era to the modern age. The intuitive touch controls make it a seamless experience on the iPhone.

Civilization VI on the App Store

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XCOM: Enemy Within

For those craving a dose of tactical turn-based combat, XCOM: Enemy Within stands as a testament to excellence. As the commander of the XCOM project, players must defend Earth against an alien invasion. The game features strategic base management, intense combat scenarios, and the constant need for resource allocation.

XCOM: Enemy Within on the App Store

The Battle of Polytopia

Perfect for short, intense gaming sessions, The Battle of Polytopia combines simplicity with strategic depth. Players lead a tribe to conquer a square-shaped world, engaging in turn-based battles, resource management, and expansion. Its charming graphics and quick gameplay make it a standout strategy title.

The Battle of Polytopia on the App Store

Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes, a classic on PC, has found its way to the iPhone, delivering a World War II strategy experience. Assemble your troops, utilize cover, and execute precise maneuvers to outsmart the enemy. The game’s touch controls provide a surprisingly intuitive interface for commanding your forces. It is absolutely one of the best strategy games for iPhone.

Company of Heroes on the App Store

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Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes intricately challenges both your strategic acumen and luck, not only in the gacha system but also in critical decision-making scenarios—of which there will be no shortage.

Similar to other entries on this list, the initial stages may seem straightforward, but brace yourself for escalating challenges with prolonged gameplay. Every decision and battle becomes pivotal, potentially leading to mission failure if meticulous preparation isn’t undertaken beforehand. Dive into a world where strategic prowess and thoughtful planning are your keys to triumph.

In the dynamic landscape of mobile gaming, iPhone users are treated to a plethora of strategy games that cater to various preferences. Whether you’re a fan of turn-based tactics, empire-building, or interstellar exploration, the App Store has a strategic gem for you. As 2023 draws to a close, these top strategy games for iPhone promise hours of cerebral engagement, allowing you to conquer virtual realms, lead civilizations, and outwit opponents—all from the palm of your hand. Download your favorites, formulate your strategies, and embark on a mobile gaming journey filled with triumphs and tactical brilliance.

Written by Jordan Bevan


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