ChatGPT surpasses 110 million downloads and achieves nearly $30 million in revenue from its mobile app

Six months post the web launch of ChatGPT on November 30, 2022, its native mobile version graced iOS, followed by a Google Play release two months later. As the chatbot celebrates its first birthday, its mobile apps have garnered an impressive $28.6 million in global consumer spending collectively, fueled by a relatively high-priced monthly subscription that continues to gain popularity, according to

ChatGPT Plus stands as the sole in-app purchase for the ChatGPT app, featuring a recurring subscription at $19.99 per month in the US. While this surpasses the pricing of many music and streaming services, the platform evidently delivers substantial value to a significant user base. Consumer spending has soared as ChatGPT Plus introduces new features and exclusive content unavailable to free users.

Per the report, the Google Play release witnessed a record-breaking weekly adoption of around 18 million new installs during week one. Although this exceptional uptake hasn’t been replicated, combined iOS and Android downloads have steadily risen in recent weeks, consistently exceeding 4 million for the past five weeks.

In the approximately six months since the iOS version’s debut, ChatGPT has firmly established itself either at or very near the top in terms of downloads, consumer spending, and user engagement.

India claims the largest share of ChatGPT’s 110 million installs at 18%, slightly ahead of the United States at 17.5% of the total so far.

In terms of cumulative consumer spend to date, ChatGPT secures a strong second position, surpassed only by Ask AI from Codeway, which launched a few months prior to OpenAI’s app. Unlike ChatGPT’s mobile offering, Ask AI offers users various lower-priced in-app purchases for premium features, available in two tiers—premium and elite.

Lastly, in terms of total sessions, reflecting the number of times users have engaged with these apps to converse with the chatbot, ChatGPT ranks third behind Chai and Character AI. This aligns with the fact that higher-ranked apps are focused on interacting with numerous fictional characters in multiple AI-powered chats, fostering a higher number of sessions overall. This landscape might shift as ChatGPT introduces its own array of multiple personalities with special-purpose GPTs designed to assist with specific tasks.

In the third quarter of 2023, ChatGBT was the second most downloaded app worldwide across both the App Store and Google Play. Significantly, it secured the second spot in several pivotal markets, such as the United States, India, and Germany.

Written by Maya Robertson


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