Meta’s Threads was the most downloaded app in Q3’23 –

Image Credits: Instagram

As per a recent report, Threads, the fresh microblogging social app introduced by Meta in July, claimed the top spot as the most downloaded app in the third quarter of 2023, amassing an impressive 236 million downloads across both the App Store and Google Play.

The X-rival app narrowly surpassed TikTok, securing 229 million downloads during the quarter. Notably, a substantial 80% of these downloads, equivalent to 191.5 million, were acquired in July, which marked the initial month of its release. This rapid growth was predominantly attributed to Threads leveraging Instagram’s extensive user base for a seamless transition. By way of comparison, August and September registered 25 million and 19.5 million downloads, respectively.

When it comes to download growth in comparison to the second quarter, Threads recorded a more significant increase than all the other top 10 apps combined.

According to a recent report, Threads has managed to captivate one out of every ten internet users worldwide as of August 2023. Impressively, three-quarters of early users express a strong inclination to return to Threads, with half of them displaying a high level of enthusiasm, hinting at a promising future for the platform.

In late July, Mark Zuckerberg said Threads could hit 1 billion users. 

As part data,ai report, ChatGBT, the AI-driven chatbot developed by OpenAI, secured the second spot for download growth, thanks to its debut on Google Play in the quarter. Notably, it clinched the second position in numerous crucial markets, including the United States, India, and Germany.

Written by Maya Robertson


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