10% of global Internet users explored Threads by August 2023 -report

Meta’s latest venture, Threads, is rewriting the rulebook of social media platforms. Unlike most social networks that start from scratch and evolve over time, Threads has stormed onto the scene with a unique advantage – seamless integration with Instagram‘s existing user base. This strategy led to millions of signups within its first few weeks, marking a groundbreaking moment in social media history. 

However, the intriguing part is that this influx of new users hasn’t quite figured out Threads’ identity yet. Understanding the elusive vibe of Threads is critical for brands, publishers, and advertisers aiming to excel on this platform.

As of August 2023, Threads has attracted one in ten internet users globally, according to GWI’s recent report. Three-quarters of early users express their likelihood to use Threads again, with half being highly inclined to do so, indicating a promising outlook for the platform. 

The primary reason for people signing up on Threads is its seamless integration with Instagram. Users are drawn to Threads not only to attract friends and followers but also because of their positive perception of the Instagram brand.

While Instagram was the initial motivator for signups, Threads’ early users are gravitating toward a more “Twitter-style” information network. A significant question for the platform revolves around whether it will be like Instagram with text or Twitter (now X) with images. Insights suggest that a significant portion of the US user base expects Threads to resemble Twitter.

Despite Meta’s reluctance to promote hard news and politics, Threads users lean toward a Twitter-like use case, which includes retweeting and engaging with news. Early users exhibit a strong interest in news-related content, making it a notable segment on the platform.

Threads attracts users from diverse backgrounds, including gamers, social media enthusiasts, fashion lovers, and tech-savvy individuals. These early users have different interests, and some prefer an Instagram-like experience, while others seek news and information. The success of Threads depends on whether these early adopters stick around and how the platform shapes its identity. This presents a challenge for Meta in balancing news and preserving Instagram’s aesthetics.

In navigating these challenges, Meta must strike a balance to satisfy both groups of users. If they succeed, Threads has the potential to redefine the social media landscape and secure its place in history as a game-changing platform.

Threads had many ups and downs despite being a relatively new platform. The platform started out really popular, but then fewer people used it because it was missing important things like being on the web. But now, Meta has added some new features like getting notifications for certain accounts and seeing posts in order. Meta is also reportedly planning to launch a web version soon.

Written by Gizem Yılmaz


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