The 7 Best Steam Alternatives

Steam is one of the largest game distribution platforms in the world, with millions of users from all around the world and thousands of games from almost all genres. However, it is not the only alternative that you can buy video games. Let’s take a closer look at the best platforms where you can buy games outside of Steam, sometimes even for free. Here are the best Steam alternatives.

The Best Alternatives to Steam

  1. GamersGate
  2. Epic Games Store
  3. Fanatical
  4. Amazon Games
  6. Xbox Game Pass
  7. Humble Bundle
  8. BONUS: Game Studios’ Own Platforms


GamersGate, a Sweden-based PC games digital distributor launched in 2006, already offers thousands of PC games from major publishers and developers. GamersGate also offers unlimited DRM, where they provide you with unlimited activation codes or serial keys.

GamersGate does not need a client to download and play a game, in contrast to Steam. The game files are instead downloaded to your local PC via a tiny software that launches a download client. After the download is finished, you may remove the micro download application and install the game as if you had bought a physical copy of it. However, installing Steam can be necessary if a game employs Steam DRM.

Epic Games Store

Launched in 2018, Epic Games Store is currently one of the best Steam alternatives that you can consider. One of the biggest advantages of the platform is that it offers very-good quality games for free. 

It is also worth mentioning the common complaints of gamers about the Epic Games Store: The first is the user experience of the store, and the second is the privacy issues that raise concerns. Epic says it continues to take precautions, especially regarding security. 


You can get some games cheaper by following packages and discounts on Fandom’s game key sales platform, Fanatical, where you can find information about games and series. Originally named Bundle Stars but later renamed Fanatical, the platform offers game packs with huge discounts of up to 99% from their original prices.

Having a community of more than 2.6 million gamers, Fanatical allows you to buy game bundles, Steam news, and PC games at affordable prices. 

Amazon Games

Amazon Games, which is included in Amazon Prime, Amazon’s paid subscription system, does not sell games directly, but allows you to add many games and in-game items to your library for free every month. 

Although many games given by Amazon Games are made by independent developers or are old games, sometimes AAA productions, which you can pay for the 1-year subscription fee, are also given for free.

If you are already using Amazon Games, you must have seen or heard of Founded by CD Projekt in 2008 as a DRM-free platform to update and deliver classic PC games for modern systems, GOG (Good Old Games) is a reliable platform that you can check out every few days with its occasional free games, affordable games and frequent discounts. 

Since its launch, the platform has expanded to include newer releases such as CD Projekt RED’s own Witcher series, as well as other titles such as Assassin’s Creed and Divinity: Original Sin.

GOG Galaxy, the platform’s own application, is a successful app where you can connect all your game accounts and collect your library in one place.

Xbox Game Pass

Game Pass, Microsoft’s successful subscription system, gives you access to many games with its subscription service. If you subscribe to the Ultimate version, you can access the EA Play Basic library in addition to the Xbox Game Pass library. 

In addition, while your subscription continues, a certain discount is applied to every game you buy from the Microsoft Store.

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Humble Bundle

The working logic of Humble Bundle, one of the most used game platforms all over the world, is a bit unusual. On this platform, you can buy a single game or have several games for 1 game money. The most striking feature of the platform is that you can pay as much money as you want for these packages. 

Every penny of payments made above the minimum package price is donated to charities such as Make-A-Wish, OneTreePlanted and the Prevent Cancer Foundation. The platform allows you to buy games, ebooks, softwares, and other digital content. 

BONUS: Game Studios’ Own Platforms

These platforms, which are released by game studios like Ubisoft, EA, and Rockstar Games to compete with Steam and sometimes force you to open an account even if you buy the game from Steam, can sometimes allow you to buy games for cheap. 

We recommend that you consider the advantages of these platforms before buying games, especially during discount periods. It should be noted that all “game studio platforms” work similarly and often the pricing is close to each other.

Apart from these platforms, there are also many people who download games illegally. However, when you do this, you will not only leave your computer vulnerable to many viruses and malware, but also prevent game developers from making money, who work day and night to give you an enjoyable gaming experience. For this reason, instead of playing games illegally, you can support the developers by purchasing their games at affordable prices during discount periods.

Written by Maya Robertson


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