The 10 Best Cooking Games

There are games for every taste in the game world. One of these genres is cooking games. These games, where you try to cook quickly with the ingredients you have in hand and try to satisfy your impatient customers, can be quite stressful. On our list today, we’re going to take a look at the 10 best cooking games that keep anyone hooked on it.

The Best Cooking Games

Dungeon Munchies

Dungeon Munchies is a very entertaining role-playing game designed with pixel graphics where you play by swiping the screen. In this game, where we gain different features and powers by eating the food we make, each gameplay cycle is unique to itself. Since the number of dishes we can cook is 7, we must be careful what we do and eat, and consider statistics such as health regeneration or damage hit.

Lemon Cake

In this game with very sweet graphics, we go to our old and worn-out oven and repair it by completely renewing it. We milk the cows, collect honey, and cook by collecting eggs. But don’t be fooled by Lemon Cake’s sweet appearance. Although it looks calm from the outside, when you start playing, it turns into a life simulation where you have to give all your attention and focus.

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PlateUp! is a kitchen management game that you can play alone or with your friends. In this game, which can be played with up to 4 people in a co-op way, we are trying to manage the chaotic kitchen we are left in, we realize how stressful it is to cook and run a kitchen while running back and forth.


Overcooked is a co-op focused kitchen business and cooking simulation that stresses and overwhelms the player. The biggest secret to success in Overcook, where you deal with the problems in your kitchen and try to fulfill the orders of your angry and impatient customers, is to stay calm and cooperate well with your friends. With its ever-changing venue design and increasing difficulty, Overcooked is one of the games that best reflects the stress and difficulty of being a cook.

Cooking Simulator

Played from a first-person camera perspective, Cooking Simulator may be the most realistic and one of the best cooking games you can play in many ways. With over 80 recipes and 140 ingredients, this game even lets you use VR to further increase realism. With this production, which also contains realistic physics mechanics, you can feel like a real cook and cook different dishes.

Food Truck Simulator

Food Truck Simulator is a simulation game where you draw your own culinary career by buying the food truck you inherited from your father. In Food Truck Simulator, where you play from the first-person camera, we try to improve and improve the old trailer we bought, on the other hand, we go wherever you want freely in the city you were left in and explore the surroundings.

Epic Chef

It would be unfair to call Epic Chef just a cooking game, this game is so much more than that. Epic Chef, where we control the main character named Zest, really contains a story, unlike most cooking games. In addition to cooking, this production, which also includes gameplay mechanics such as life simulation, farming and craftsmanship, will not understand how your hours have passed, and you will find yourself running from a field to a kitchen.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?!

Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! is a simulation game where we take an old and run-down restaurant and try to bring it back to its old five-star days. The production, in which we try to cook while taking care of impatient customers, is a challenging game that is easy to learn and takes time to master. Players will sometimes feel overwhelmed and stressed by the rapidly increasing number of food cravings.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Want to relax and play a cooking game without thinking too much? You’ve come to exactly the right place. Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a sweet pizza game with nostalgia vibes. Good Pizza, Great Pizza, where we try to fulfill the orders of more than a hundred customers, each with different wishes and personalities, is one of the productions that best gives the feeling of running a pizzeria.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is in many ways one of the most successful and best independent productions of recent years. There are tons of different game mechanics, from fishing to cooking, from farming to mining, from animal husbandry to exploration. In fact, Stardew Valley is a life simulation with plenty of content that you can spend hundreds of hours on. The game also includes side characters that you can talk to and develop your relationships with.

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