The Best Zombie Games on Game Pass

The Xbox Game Pass service, which comes to the rescue of the players, offers a library of hundreds of games for a certain monthly fee. For those who love survival games and those who love post-apocalyptic zombie-themed games, we decided to present you with a list. Here are the best zombie games on Game Pass.

The Best Zombie Games on Game Pass

  1. The Walking Dead (All Seasons)
  2. Plants Vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville
  3. Back 4 Blood
  4. Dead Space
  5. Zombie Army 4: Dead War
  6. 7 Days to Die
  7. DayZ
  8. State of Decay
  9. Minecraft Dungeons

The Walking Dead (All Seasons)

The Walking Dead series, one of the most popular series of Telltale Games studio, takes us to a different point than the classic series and offers a completely different storytelling. The most dominant aspect of the game, which has more QTE (Quick Time Event) mechanics, is of course the scenario.

The game, which was first published on April 24, 2012, and based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, won more than 90 awards and was chosen as Game of the Year in 2012. The game takes place in Georgia, as in the comic. While college professor and murder convict Lee is taken to prison, the car crashes and he goes to a nearby building for help. There he meets a little girl, Clementine, and promises to protect her.

Plants Vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

One of the first mobile games of our childhood, Plants Vs. Zombies is now more exciting and popular. Thanks to the Xbox Game Pass subscription, it is possible to reach the Plants Vs Zombies: Battle For Neighborville game. The game, which is a third-person shooter, is the third installment in the Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare spin-off.

In the game, which is among the best zombie games on Game Pass, players may choose between a cooperative or competitive multiplayer mode where they control either Plants or Zombies. Nine of the 23 customisable gameplay classes in the game are brand-new to the series. 

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Back 4 Blood

Developed by the creators of the Left 4 Dead series, Back 4 Blood is one of the most popular co-op zombie-themed games today. Although it is struggling with some minor problems on the PC side, Left 4 Dead manages to be a production that follows the footsteps and you can feel the action to the bottom.

Back 4 Blood has a classic zombie story. In the production that supports this story between cutscenes and episodes, our main goal is to fight against zombies as always. What makes the game most enjoyable is that you can do it with three of your friends.

Dead Space

The remake version is unfortunately not included in the Xbox Game Pass library, but the first version of the game, Dead Space from 2008, is a must-play game. Let’s see how far you can go without fear in a spaceship full of zombies and creatures.

When the world’s population reaches an unsustainable level, those unaffected by the ecological catastrophe head to space to extract resources. The USG Ishimura, a gigantic ship that explores open planets to mine valuable minerals on a massive scale, is our main location in the game.

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Zombie Army 4: Dead War

The Zombie Army series is back in all its glory! In Zombie Army 4: Dead War, you will have a relentless struggle against zombie soldiers. Get rid of the zombies that flock to you, either alone or with your friend.

In the gameplay, zombies can come from almost anywhere and you keep shooting them until they die. Sometimes you even shoot to save survivors. The game is satisfying in terms of hitting feeling. The only downside is probably having lots of ammo. The variety of enemies is equally satisfying. Of course, as in many zombie games, there are also some special zombies.

7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die, which you can play alone or with your friends, is one of the most important co-op zombie survival games. This game, which you can find in Xbox Game Pass, does not neglect to offer you a role-playing theme.

In the game, which tells about the events in a fictional world called Navezgane, human life in the world has declined to very low levels as a result of a huge explosion caused by the 3rd World War. Thousands or even millions of people died as a result of the explosion, and some of them were transformed into something else as a result of the radioactive effects caused by the bomb. 

The world has become very difficult and unbearable to live in, when the danger of the living dead is added to the hunger, thirst and limitations of other resources. Offering a real-life experience, 7 Days to Die is one of the best zombie games on Game Pass.

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If you say you need a more realistic survival game, you are in the right place. DayZ is the game about the most realistic post-apocalyptic zombie outbreak ever. Whether on PvE servers or PvP servers, you can play with different people from around the world and go in search of supplies in the world.

In DayZ, which takes place in a fictional land called Chernarus, almost everyone turns into a zombie as a result of an epidemic for an unknown reason. In the game where we try to survive against zombies, you have to be careful with people trying to survive as well as zombies.

State of Decay

If you say you’re looking for a game with the taste of The Walking Dead, State Of Decay comes to your aid. You will try to survive in a world overrun by zombies, meet different factions and compete with them in search of supplies. The vehicles in the game even have a fuel gauge, you have to use everything carefully!

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Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons, where you go dungeon hunting rather than building and creating creative content, and where you will feel like you are in a constant action scene, will be waiting for you to escape from a dungeon full of zombies! It has the structure of Diablo and similar games, which are played from the isometric perspective, and the environment is not indestructible and follows a certain story.

In the game, we need to end the terror created by a character (Arch-Illager) who is pushed into loneliness and loses himself to evil. In this process, we become stronger by finding many different weapons and equipment that can be developed. We try to reach a happy ending by defeating different types of enemies. 

Completing the randomly generated parts of the story at a more difficult level allows us to reach higher level weapons and equipment. On the other hand, let me state that the game, which can be played by one player, offers support for up to four players. Thus, the game can become much more fun.

Written by Maya Robertson


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