The 12 Best Zombie Games for iPhone

Zombie games, which have an important place among survival games, are played by millions of users on mobile. These games, which attract users with their strong survival, action, and adventure mechanics, generally offer similar stories. It is possible to see the mechanics of different genres such as racing in these games, where you usually try to get rid of a zombie apocalypse.

Embark on a spine-chilling adventure with our handpicked selection of the best zombie games for iPhone. From intense survival scenarios to strategic combat, these games offer a thrilling escape into a world teeming with the undead. Brace yourself for heart-pounding action, immersive graphics, and challenging missions as we unveil the top contenders in the zombie gaming realm.

The Best Zombie Games for iPhone

  1. Zombie Frontier 3
  2. The Walking Dead No Man’s Land
  3. Dead Trigger 2
  4. Kill Shot Virus
  5. Zombie Idle Defense
  6. Last Day on Earth: Survival
  7. Zombie Road Trip!
  8. Dead Effect 2
  9. Left to Survive
  10. Plants vs. Zombies 2
  11. Zombie Gunship Revenant AR
  12. State of Survival: Zombie War

Here you can also find the best zombie games for Android if you have an android device. 

The Best Zombie Games for iOS

Zombie Frontier 3

In Zombie Frontier 3, an FPS game, you will fight for your life and try not to be bitten in an apocalypse where people have turned into zombies because of a dangerous vaccine. The game with very successful graphics also includes 5 challenging bosses, 60 main missions, secondary missions, 2 DLC maps, and many special events celebrated regularly.

Zombie Frontier 3 on the App Store

The Walking Dead No Man’s Land

You manage a group of zombie apocalypse survivors in the turn-based strategy game which Next Games released for free on the App Store on October 9, 2015, as the official The Walking Dead game. Weapons and locations in the game are the same as in the series. The game’s latest update also brings Shane and Beth and Walking Dead survivors from the latest seasons, Alpha, Beta, Yumiko and Princess to collect, upgrade and aid your team of Walking Dead heroes. 

The Walking Dead No Man’s Land on the App Store

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Dead Trigger 2

With over 100 million downloads, 600+ gameplay war scenarios, more than 70 types of gun weapons, and large maps, Madfinger’s Dead Trigger 2 is one of the best zombie games for iPhone.The game, which offers the opportunity to play with touch control or a virtual joystick, is in the FPS genre.

Dead Trigger 2 on the App Store

Kill Shot Virus

In Kill Shot Virus, another successful production in the FPS genre, you try to stop the virus and protect the survivors. You can compete against other players in the game, which includes more than 100 missions. Kill Shot Virus is a game that deserves a chance with its graphics and variety of weapons.

Kill Shot Virus on the App Store

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Zombie Idle Defense

In Zombie Idle Defense, a strategy game with RPG elements, you will have to defend yourself together with a group of survivors against endless waves of enemies in a post-apocalyptic world where most of the world’s population has turned into wild zombies.

Zombie Idle Defense on the App Store

Last Day on Earth: Survival

Survival instincts take center stage in “Last Day on Earth: Survival.” Set in a post-apocalyptic world, players must craft tools, build shelters, and fend off zombies and other players to stay alive. The open-world environment, coupled with resource management challenges, makes this game a gripping experience for fans of survival and zombie genres.

Last Day on Earth: Survival on the App Store

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Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2, a successful FPS game that stands out with its graphics and sound, also contains RPG elements quite well. Featuring 20+ hours of campaign gameplay and 10+ hours of special missions, it is one of the best examples of the genre. 

Dead Effect 2 on the App Store

Left to Survive

In Left to Survive, you will try to survive against zombies by using rifles, grenades, shotguns and everything in your arsenal. In the game where you will set up your own base, you can play in single mode as well as participate in multiplayer tournaments.

Left to Survive on the App Store

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Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2, one of the best zombie games for iPhone, features 7 chapters, 60 stages, hundreds of challenges, an arsenal of powerful weapons, and daily and special events. In this free-to-play FPS, you will be a zombie shooter in a great story with great graphics. 

Dive into a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies in “Into the Dead 2.” This first-person shooter game challenges players to navigate through hordes of the undead, using an arsenal of weapons to survive. With a compelling storyline and multiple endings, every choice you make influences the outcome, adding a layer of suspense to the gameplay.

Into the Dead 2 on the App Store

Plants vs. Zombies 2

In Plants vs Zombies 2, an action-strategy adventure where you meet, greet, and defeat legions of hilarious zombies, you’ll assemble an army of amazing plants, boost them with Plant Food, and devise the ultimate plan to protect your brain.

For a lighthearted yet addictive zombie gaming experience, look no further than “Plants vs. Zombies™ 2.” This tower defense game lets players strategically plant an army of unique flora to fend off waves of amusing zombies. With quirky characters, engaging levels, and strategic depth, this game offers a delightful twist on the traditional zombie theme.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 on the App Store

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Zombie Gunship Revenant AR

Immerse yourself in augmented reality zombie warfare with Zombie Gunship Revenant AR, one of the best zombie games for iOS. This unique game combines the thrill of shooting zombies with the cutting-edge technology of augmented reality. Use your iOS device to obliterate zombies from the sky, and witness the undead uprising in your surroundings, blending virtual action with the real world.

Zombie Gunship Revenant AR on the App Store

State of Survival: Zombie War

Embark on a riveting adventure as you find yourself amidst a world torn apart by a relentless zombie infestation, where cities and civilizations crumble in its wake. Your mission is crystal clear: survive, collaborate with the government and military, and contribute to the reconstruction of civilizations while facing the relentless onslaught of the undead.

As the hero humanity desperately needs, you’ll dive headfirst into the war for survival. Engage in intense shootouts on the battlefield, strategically construct a city that can withstand the zombie onslaught, and demonstrate your prowess in defending humanity against the impending apocalypse. The plague is spreading rapidly, and it’s your duty to build, survive, and annihilate every zombie that crosses your path.

This gripping zombie RPG game allows you to form alliances with fellow survivors, uniting to combat the common enemy. Equip yourself with powerful sniper rifles and pistols as you face the lurking threat of death on the battlefield, where heroes are born.

State of Survival: Zombie War on the App Store

With these best zombie games for iPhone, you’re in for a rollercoaster of adrenaline-pumping, undead-slaying action. Whether you prefer intense first-person shooters, strategic survival challenges, or quirky tower defense, these games cater to various preferences, ensuring that every zombie enthusiast finds their perfect gaming match. Download your chosen game, sharpen your survival instincts, and brace yourself for a thrilling journey into the zombie apocalypse!

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