The 7 Best Time Travel Games

Time travel is an interesting concept featured in many TV series, movies, and games. Of course, the pleasure of bending time in the games themselves is another. In this article, we have brought together the best time travel games where you will have the chance to manipulate time as you wish.

Quantum Break

Quantum Break, a 2016 Remedy Entertainment production, combines science fiction with adventure, offering players a unique experience. We are trying to save the concept of time, and therefore the universe, with our main character, Jack Joyce, who has the power to bend time.

Twelve Minutes

In Twelve Minutes, the player is stuck in a 12-minute loop and therefore constantly returning to the past. If you want a different and surreal experience, we suggest you take a look at Twelve Minutes.

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We continue our list of the best time travel games with Deathloop, a relatively new game to the others. The time mechanics in Deathloop are like Twelve Minutes. You are stuck in a loop in the game and you become stronger in each loop thanks to what you learn.

Life is Strange series

One of the most iconic features of the Life is Strange series, which enchants those who play with its story, is its time bending feature. Not to mention that Life is Strange is the first game that comes to mind when it comes to time manipulation.

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In SUPERHOT, you cannot rewind time like in Life is Strange, but you can slow down or speed up time according to the suddenness of your movement. In this surreal game, you kill your opponents in this way and continue on your way.

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Dishonored 2

The highly popular stealth game Dishonored is just one of the works that allows the player to bend time through a skill.


In Braid, the 2008 independent platform game, you control the course of time and solve various puzzles, pushing the limits of your mind.

Written by Maya Robertson


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