How to Change Name in Valorant

VALORANT, which debuted in 2020 during the pandemic period and has been loved by the masses since its release, is increasing its popularity day by day. Its mobile version is also in development

It would not be wrong to say that the game, which won professional players with the sanctions it made on the esports arena, shook the throne of its rival, CS: GO. The game, which has been very popular all over the world and gained great popularity in the esports arena, is among the new favorites of the players. Promising a 5v5 competitive gaming experience, the game continues to be constantly updated, with a large pool of agents with different abilities, where almost every player can find their own playing style. New maps, agents and improvements are made regularly to the game, which is the new favorite of Riot Games.

VALORANT also offers players the chance to change their name, that is, their in-game nick, at a certain interval. Every 30 days, players can change the nicknames they set on the website. So how is this done? In this article, we will answer the question of how to change name in Valorant.

How to change name in Valorant

First of all, it should be reminded that your VALORANT username must not contain profanity, insults, or sexual content. Such inappropriate names can result in your account being banned or even permanently banned from the game.

How to change name in VALORANT

1   Log in to your Riot account 

2   Go to the Riot ID tab

3   On the screen that will open, you will be presented with the option of ‘Riot ID’ and ‘Tag’. The ‘Riot ID’ section of these sections will be your name that will appear in the game. You can change your VALORANT name by typing the name you want in the Riot ID section within the rules. Please note that profanity, insults and sexually explicit nicknames are prohibited and may lead to events that may lead to your permanent suspension from the game.

4    The tag section, which consists of numbers, actually offers a simple but effective solution to an annoying situation that users often encounter in games. Thanks to the tag, it is possible to choose the name you want even if the VALORANT nickname you want to get was taken before you.

You can easily change your name in VALORANT by doing these easy steps. If you have trouble changing your name, you can contact Riot Games support to resolve your issue.

Thanks to the free name change right offered to VALORANT players every 30 days and by following these easy steps, you will be able to rearrange your player ID and in-game name to your taste. 

Written by Jordan Bevan


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