The 11 Best Mobile Platformers

Platform games, which include countless examples from Super Mario Bros. in 1985 to the Neon Abyss in 2020, also entered the mobile world. Although it was not as easy to integrate controls into phones at first, as expected, mobile platformers finally took their place in the market. 

Let’s take a look at the best mobile platformers you can play to feel the excitement of platform games from the comfort of your smartphone.

The Best Mobile Platformers

  1. Oddmar
  2. LIMBO
  3. Super Mario Run
  4. Blackmoor 2
  5. Soul Chase
  6. Sword of Xolan
  7. Cat Bird
  8. Ninja Arashi
  9. Sonic CD Classic
  10. Bullet League
  11. Teslagrad


Price: $4.99

Oddmar is a beautifully designed action-adventure platformer where you will be a Viking who needs to free himself from his wasted potential. In the game, you will have 24 levels of physics-based puzzles and platforming challenges. If you’re looking for a Viking-themed platformer, Oddmar is the game you’re looking for.

Oddmar on the App Store

Oddmar on Google Play

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Price: $3.99

The hit game of the 2010s is LIMBO. The mobile version of the game, which received full points from the game critics and made everyone fall in love with its story and theme, will of course be on the list of the best mobile platformers. The fact that an indie production has this effect is also an element that increases the love for it.

LIMBO on the App Store

LIMBO on Google Play

Super Mario Run

Price: Free

The most iconic and legendary hero in game history is Mario, who falls in love with his princess. The game, which was criticized by mobile game lovers when it was released, still takes its place at the top of the platform games list. Its controls are also quite simple: Jump.

Super Mario Run on the App Store

Super Mario Run on Google Play

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Blackmoor 2

Price: Free

Blackmoor 2, an arcade platformer that incorporates hack and slash and FPS dynamics, is among the best mobile platformers with its multiplayer mode for up to 4 players, Google Play Games support, retro graphics, and story mode.

Blackmoor 2 on the App Store

Blackmoor 2 on Google Play

Soul Chase

Price: Free

Soul Chase is a retro-platformer where you both run and chase. While chasing the spirit with your blue armor, you have to escape from the ghost army and other enemies around you. The game, whose level of difficulty gradually increases, is a good choice among mobile platforms.

Soul Chase on Google Play

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Sword of Xolan

Price: $0.99

Released in 2015, Sword of Xolan is a true classic platform action game. As a hero whose village is overrun by zombies and monsters, we fight the bad guys and try to save the hostages. The bosses that come after each level also add a different challenge to the game.

Sword of Xolan on the App Store

Sword of Xolan on Google Play

Cat Bird

Price: Free

By far the cutest among platform games. As the name suggests, our hero is a Cat Bird. The game that connects you with its simple controls, beautiful animations and challenging sections is among the best mobile platformers across the App Store and Google Play. 

Cat Bird on the App Store

Cat Bird on Google Play

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Ninja Arashi

Price: Free 

Ninja Arashi is a platform RPG game. While the black silhouettes on the colored background do not tire your eyes visually, their critical chances and ability waits in the fights also add an RPG feature to the game.

Ninja Arashi on the App Store

Ninja Arashi on Google Play

Sonic CD Classic

Price: Free

Need to say anything about Sonic? The series, which released its first game in 1993, has again attracted attention with its recent movies. As a mobile game, Sonic CD Classic not only manages to preserve all the content in the original game but also offers small innovations to the players with multi-layered scenes and new music options.

Sonic CD Classic on the App Store

Sonic CD Classic on Google Play

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Bullet League

Price: Free

Bullet League, we can say that mobile Fortnite has been brought to the platform. The game doesn’t hide that much either. Launched as a platform shooter, it is a fun option that you can play both online and offline with battle royale and classic deathmatch modes.

Bullet League on the App Store

Bullet League on Google Play


Price: $0.99

Teslagrad is a 2D puzzle-performer which includes action elements where magnetism and other electromagnetic forces are key to progress through the game. In the game, which offers the experience of old-school boss fights and has visual storytelling, players will try to discover the secrets hidden in the Tesla Tower.

Teslagrad on the App Store

Teslagrad on Google Play

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