Nintendo’s mobile games surpass 800 million downloads

Image Source: Nintendo

Japanese video game development giant Nintendo announced on Wednesday that its mobile games, which are available in 164 countries & regions, have surpassed 800 million downloads as of October 2022.

‘’This figure, 800 million, is equivalent to the cumulative unit sales total of all Nintendo hardware since we launched Nintendo Entertainment System (Famicom) in 1983,’’ said Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa. ‘’The mobile business has seen those same numbers in just the six and a half years since 2016, when we released our first app,’’ he added.

The company’s mobile portfolio consists of popular titles including Fire Emblem Heroes which became its first title to reach $1 billion in player spending in June,  racing game Mario Kart Tour which recently neared $300 million in revenue, endless runner game Super Mario Run, social simulation game Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, and augmented reality game Pikmin Bloom, which was released last October in partnership with Niantic. Meanwhile, Nintendo is getting ready to shut down its 4-year-old action RPG Dragalia Lost this month.

Furukawa said that launching these titles that use its own API has enabled it to reach people in countries and regions that its video game platform is unable to reach.

‘’In the future, we hope to create chances for our IP to draw the attention of those people, which will hopefully lead to them purchasing our dedicated video game platforms down the road,’’ he continued.

On Tuesday, Nintendo also announced that it has joined forces with DeNA to form ‘’Nintendo Systems’’, which will develop and research how to improve Nintendo’s business.

Earlier this year, Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund acquired a 5% stake in Nintendo for reportedly $2.8 billion. The country’s Savvy Games Group announced last month that it would invest $37.8 billion in gaming companies.

Meanwhile, Nintendo recently completed the acquisition of CG animation and motion capture studio Dynamo Pictures, and renamed it to Nintendo Pictures.

Written by Jordan Bevan


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