The 5 Best Visual Novels for Android

A Japanese invention and a favorite of the Japanese, visual novels are a quality interactive video game to pass some free time and have fun while reading.

A visual novel usually has 4-5 characters, and it is up to the reader to navigate and end the story with multiple choices.

It is pretty hard to choose from the visual novels that are popular today, as they have many options and types. That’s why we’ve listed the best visual novels for Android for you.

Underworld Office

Price: Free

The Underworld Office ranks first among the best visual novels for Android. This app, which attracts the attention of lovers of visual novels with its extraordinary story, is offered to the readers. The story of this visual novel is about ghosts and contains a mystery that needs to be solved. Also, the characters in the app are pretty interesting.

What are the Main Features of the Visual Novel?

This visual novel consists of 40 short films and 150 drawings. In addition, the game offers many options to create your story and has 7 different routes in total.

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Mysterious Forum and 7 Rumors [Visual Novel] 

Price: Free

This game won the Google Indie Game Festival Top 10 Visual Novel award and is therefore included in the ranking of the best visual novels for Android. This visual story follows a mysterious discussion board run by a high school newspaper club and seven mysterious rumors.

What are the Characteristics of the Visual Novel?

This visual novel is a multiple-choice horror novel that is easy to read and contains few ads. Also, the game lets you skip chapters and has a list with all the endings.

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If My Heart Had Wings 


“If My Heart Had Wings” is a visual novel about a youth story set in Kazegaura, outside Tokyo. The story begins with Aoi Minase returning to his hometown Kazegaura.

What are the Key Features of the Visual Novel?

There are many stories to play in the game and it provides an offline play feature by pre-downloading episodes. Additionally, readers can comment on scenes to give feedback to others.

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OPUS Series

OPUS: The Day We Found Earth

Price: Free

This visual novel is an adventure game. In addition to the impressive graphics, it has an addictive game feature for those who love to explore. As you discover new planets in the game, you create new stories and the goal is to find the world in an unlimited galaxy, that is, to return home.

What are the Key Features of the Visual Novel?

One of the most significant features that distinguish this visual novel from the others is that it offers its readers impressive soundtracks and deep emotional moments.

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OPUS: Rocket of Whispers 

Price: Free

This visual novel is about two survivors of the apocalypse. They are symbols of hope and the need to build a rocket and reach their destination. It is a visual novel that you will have fun with while reading, discovering, and getting emotional from time to time.

What are the Key Features of the Visual Novel?

This game features over 30 beautiful atmospheric soundscapes composed by IndiePlay nominated composer, Triodust. Also, rocket parts and assembly are supported by research in rocket science.

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Price: $4.99

Oxenfree, which is about the supernatural, is one of the best visual novels for Android. It is about a group of 5 youngsters who unwittingly opened a ghostly rift and the mystical events that followed. While exploring Edwards Island, this group of young people encounters supernatural phenomena such as strange radio signals from dark caves, time warps, and loops.

What are the Key Features of the Visual Novel?

This game has an intelligent speech system and if we do not answer the question posed to our character (Alex) within 2-3 seconds, we are deemed to have remained silent. Another feature is the beautiful music suitable for the episodes.

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