The 6 Best Pilates Apps

Pilates, dating back to the 1920s, is a well-established sports type. This sport type, which is generally preferred to gain flexibility, reduce stress, strengthen, and increase muscle ratio, has many benefits for the body. With the recent development of technology, it is now possible to do pilates at home by watching videos on the computer, phone, or tablet instead of going for pilates in gyms. But which pilates training videos are right for you? At this point, we have listed the best pilates apps for you to find the best option without wasting time.

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The Best Pilates Apps

  1. The Pilates Class
  2. Pilates Anytime
  3. Pilates Exercises – All Levels
  4. Pilatesology – Pilates Online
  5. 5 Minutes Pilates Workouts
  6. Body by Blogilates

The Pilates Class

Price: $139.99 per year (varies by region) / Free 7-day trial

The Pilates Class is one of the remarkable Pilates apps with its easy workout search and video filtering feature. The app offers the opportunity to collect favorite videos in one place and gives people of all levels the chance to exercise according to their level. New content is added to this app regularly, and updates are made frequently.

However, you must sign up for The Pilates Class on a monthly or annual basis with an auto-renewing membership from inside the app in order to access all features and content.

The Pilates Class on the App Store

The Pilates Class on Google Play

Pilates Anytime

Price: $21.99 per month (price varies by currency) / Free 14-day trial

One of the best pilates apps, Pilates Anytime has over 3700 fun, efficient, and high-quality videos for all levels. New videos are added every week, and these videos are ready for download. Plus, over 200 industry-leading teachers guide you through the process. With this app, which has a library, you can attain everything about pilates history and pilates.

Another feature of the app is that it provides content for Pilates teachers to enrich their practice and teaching. The app’s extensive library for Pilates teachers includes workshops, Pilates history, talks, tutorials, and more.

Pilates Anytime on the App Store

Pilates Anytime on Google Play

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Pilates Exercises – All Levels

Price: Free / Starting at $1.99

Pilates Workouts – All Levels app is among the best pilates apps. There are workouts suitable for all levels in the app, and there are also regional exercise videos to slim the area you want. Pilates lovers can choose the difficulty level and the duration of the exercise. In addition to the time information for each of the workouts, there is also information about how many calories you will burn. All moves have names, photos, and detailed descriptions.

Pilates Exercises – All Levels on the App Store

Pilates Exercises – All Levels on Google Play

Pilatesology – Pilates Online

Price: $19.99 per month / $179.99 per year / Free 14-day trial

Pilatesology is an app that offers exercises with time-tested, proven methods. In the app, you will have the chance to get pilates tips from the best instructors in the world, while at the same time you will have the chance to strengthen, develop and stretch yourself. There are more than 1500 videos in this app, and pilates lovers have the opportunity to download these videos and add them to their favorites.

Pilatesology on the App Store

Pilatesology on Google Play

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5 Minutes Pilates Workouts

Price: Free / Starting at $1.99

As the name suggests, there are 5-minute Pilates exercises in the app. People of all ages can do these exercises, which are suitable for all levels, easily and quickly. There is a counter in the app, and it is possible to understand the movements easily with detailed written explanations and 3D animations. There are also more than 70 sessions in the app, pilates lovers can choose the option they want and start from almost anywhere.

5 Minutes Pilates Workouts on the App Store

5 Minutes Pilates Workouts on Google Play

Body by Blogilates

Price: Free / $3.99 per month, $39.99 per year

Created by certified fitness and pilates instructor Cassey Ho (Blogilates), Body by Blogilates offers a monthly workout plan that lets you focus on a different muscle group each day. In the app, which also offers motivational challenges such as 100 Ab challenge and 100 Glute challenge, each challenge comes with daily follow-up exercise videos.

In order to access features such as workout calendar and challenges in the app, which is free to download, you need to purchase one of the monthly or annual subscriptions that offer a 7-day free trial.

Body by Blogilates on the App Store

Body by Blogilates on Google Play

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