The 10 Best Job Search Apps

Are you looking for a job? Or wondering about available jobs in your area? Then this content is for you. Instead of looking for a job on a single platform, you can access more job postings and job types by searching for jobs on many platforms. We have reviewed the best job apps for you. Job search apps make it easier for companies to meet HR, employers, and job seekers. Job apps are a sensible way to get job posting notifications, industry news, and more on your phone when you’re not at your computer, so we’ve listed the best job search apps for you. Here are the best!


Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $323.88


LinkedIn is a social networking app for job searching, interacting with people, making business connections, and recruiting, and is one of the best job finding apps. The app connects recruiters and job seekers. Users can search for jobs, follow companies and individuals, and access news about the industries they are interested in. The app allows users to comment and send messages. Thus, they can interact. LinkedIn allows you to create a profile and share your skills, certifications, past job experiences, and more on your profile. For more, check out LinkedIn’s website.

LinkedIn on Google Play

LinkedIn on the App Store

Indeed Job Search

Price: Free

Indeed Job Search is a free app to find a job. With Indeed Job Search, users can search for job postings relevant to their industry anytime, anywhere. New job postings are added to the app every day and it is updated. Users can upload their resumes and use Indeed’s resume builder. They can filter by location, position, company, and more from the job search page of the app. Indeed Job Search contains over 700 million companies and is among the best job search apps. To learn more detailed information about the app, visit Indeed Job Search’s website.

Indeed Job Search on Google Play

Indeed Job Search on the App Store

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CareerBuilder: Job Search

Price: Free

CareerBuilder Job Search

CareerBuilder: Job Search is a simple and handy app for a job seeker. Users can search for jobs, edit their profiles, and connect with employers with CareerBuilder. The app allows you to save the jobs you want to apply for so you can access them all in one place. Users can upload or build their resumes for free on CareerBuilder. The app has incredible features like creating job alerts and sending notifications when a resume is viewed. For more, go to CareerBuilder’s website.

CareerBuilder: Job Search on Google Play

CareerBuilder: Job Search on the App Store

ZipRecruiter Job Search

Price: Free

ZipRecruiter Job Search

ZipRecruiter Job Search is one of the best job search apps that allows you to find your dream jobs by searching by location, keyword, and position. With ZipRecruiter Job Search, you can easily find available jobs in your area. The app also includes jobs from other employment apps, it offers a lot of job options and makes it easy for you to find a job. With ZipRecruiter Job Search, users can receive notifications when appropriate jobs are loaded, so they don’t miss any job postings. For more information, browse ZipRecruiter’s website.

ZipRecruiter Job Search on Google Play

ZipRecruiter Job Search on the App Store

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Glassdoor: Jobs, Salary & Talk

Price: Free

Glassdoor Jobs Salary Talk

If you’re looking for a job, you should definitely check out Glassdoor: Jobs, Salary & Talk. The app offers information and job postings about companies, jobs, salaries, and more. Users can effortlessly chat anonymously with other employees, employers, and more on Glassdoor. The app offers salary transparency to protect employees, so you can find out the salaries of other employees in your position. Go to Glassdoor’s website for more information. 

Glassdoor: Jobs, Salary & Talk on Google Play

Glassdoor: Jobs, Salary & Talk on the App Store

Snagajob – Jobs Hiring Now

Price: Free

Snagajob – Jobs Hiring Now is an excellent job search app where you can easily access and apply for jobs from any industry, and deserves to be among the best job search apps. The app comes with filtering, and users can search by salary, hours (part-time and full-time jobs), location, keyword, company, and more. Snagajob has a map search feature, so you can see available jobs in your area. The app offers daily job matches and allows you to apply for a job with one click. To learn more detailed information about the app, check out the website of Snagajob.

Snagajob – Jobs Hiring Now on Google Play

Snagajob – Jobs Hiring Now on the App Store

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Monster Job Search

Price: Free

Monster Job Search

Monster Job Search is one of the best job apps that offers personalized job recommendations. Users can quickly upload their resumes to the app and swipe right to apply for jobs they like, thus saving time. With Monster Job Search, users can demonstrate their skills and edit their job preferences. The app provides job seekers with information about the company, salary, overtime, and other benefits. Visit Monster Job Search’s website for more information.

Monster Job Search on Google Play

Monster Job Search on the App Store

Upwork for Freelancers

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $29.99

Upwork for Freelancers

If you are looking for a job and flexible working hours are a priority for you, you should take a look at Upwork for Freelancers. The app presents job postings from startups to the most popular companies. Upwork helps freelancers find clients and builders grow. Users can find jobs in programming, writing, design, mobile development, accounting, marketing, web development, and more at Upwork. Browse Upwork’s website to learn more about the app.

Upwork for Freelancers on Google Play

Upwork for Freelancers on the App Store

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Dice Tech Careers

Price: Free

Dice Tech Careers

Dice Tech Careers is a fantastic app that offers you job postings and makes job search easy while planning your career. It stands out among the best job apps. Users can create their resumes through the app or upload their ready-made resumes. The app includes a job search filter feature so users can search for jobs by location, program language, salary, skill, tenure, company, title, and more. Dice Tech Careers offers users personalized job suggestions and sends notifications when job postings that meet their criteria are uploaded. Users can find technology jobs such as Kotlin, Swift, Java, analyst, marketing, project manager, HANA, Cassandra, Cloudera, OpenStack, and CloudStack with Dice Tech Careers. Go to Dice’s website to learn more.

Dice Tech Careers on Google Play

Dice Tech Careers on the App Store

XING – the right job for you

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $279.99

XINGthe right job for you

XING – the right job for you is one of Germany’s leading job platforms, with more than 21 million members and more than 1.5 million jobs. The app can be considered one of the best job finding apps with the features it offers. XING contains information about companies and comes with a filtering feature. Job seekers can easily find their dream job with XING. Users can effortlessly communicate with people in a similar industry with XING. The app connects job seekers and employers and provides tips for your working life. To learn more about the app, visit XING’s website.

XING – the right job for you on Google Play

XING – the right job for you on the App Store

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