The 8 Best Business Card Apps for iPhone

Business cards are an essential traditional method of communication in professional business life. Digital business cards became popular as technology advanced. Virtual business cards save money and time while also helping to protect the environment by preventing trees from being cut down.

Besides that, a digital business card app allows you to create business cards and keep track of all correspondence in one location. We have brought you the best business card apps for iPhone, which will allow you to expand your network efficiently and quickly reach the people you are looking for.

Blinq – Digital Business Card

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $35.99

BlinqDigital Business Card

Blinq – Digital Business Card is one of the best business card apps for iPhone and is a professional digital business card app that you can carry with you anywhere, at any time. Blinq allows users to quickly create virtual business cards and share them with others. The individual with whom you will share the information is not required to use the Blinq.

Furthermore, you can add up to 20x information fields to your vCard, such as social media accounts, project links, payment apps, and more. Blinq allows you to send vCards via email or text message. Users can make multiple business cards and share the URL for each one. The app is Apple Watch compatible and can be added to widgets for quick access. The app also includes a QR code generator.

Blinq – Digital Business Card on the App Store

BizConnect Card Scanner

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $79.99

BizConnect Card Scanner is a beneficial app that is used in 191 countries. The app has features to accurately digitize business cards, QR code readers, and QR scanners in all major languages. The app allows you to export digitized data to Google, Excel, and Outlook.

The app’s intelligent CRM feature includes features like task and event management. BizConnect Card Scanner adheres to a strict data security and privacy policy and maintains data confidentiality. Check out BizConnect Card Scanner’s website to learn more detailed information about the app.

BizConnect Card Scanner on the App Store

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L-Card Pro Business Cards

Price: Free

L Card Pro Business Cards

L-Card Pro Business Cards is a full-featured business card app and stands out among the best business card apps for iPhone. The app includes unique technological features such as OCR card scanning, Smart Email Signature, Digital Business Card Design Suite, L-Card Enterprise, Video Sharing, and L-Card Analytics. The other party does not need to have L-Card Pro Business Cards when sharing information and cards.

Additionally, users can easily create professional personal business cards with Professional Card Design Suite and 80+ Fast Card templates in the app. L-Card Pro Business Cards allows for unlimited card creation and card reading in 27 languages. You can access the business card library and scan cards in the app’s offline mode. Visit the website of the app to learn more detailed information about L-Card Pro Business Cards.

L-Card Pro Business Cards on the App Store

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CamCard -Business Card Scanner

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $109.99

CamCard Business Card Scanner

CamCard -Business Card Scanner is a business card creation, management, and sharing app. The app is simple to use and can be used by marketing professionals, salespeople, entrepreneurs, and others. CamCard deserves to be considered one of the best business card scanner apps for iPhone with the features it provides. The app includes features such as scanning business cards, taking notes on contacts, and adding reminders. CamCard reads up to 500 cards in 17 languages.

Moreover, CamCard’s premium offers unlimited card reading, multi-device support, secretary scan mode, VIP recognition, and dedicated account manager features. The app’s premium subscription costs $8.49 per month and $46.99 per year.

CamCard -Business Card Scanner on the App Store

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Business Card Scanner HD

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $49.99

Business Card Scanner HD

Business Card Scanner HD is a functional app that allows you to save your business card contacts on your device using the latest OCR technology. Business Card Scanner HD allows users to streamline their business tasks. Managers, entrepreneurs, sales departments, and marketing departments prefer the app for providing and monitoring business contacts.

Furthermore, Business Card Scanner HD includes a plethora of features such as business card detection and capture, QR code scanning, in-app search, email functions, manual editing of card information, and a full search history. Users can use AirDrop to share their cards and save important ones to their favorites.

Business Card Scanner HD on the App Store

Haystack Business Cards

Price: Free

Haystack Business Cards is a wonderful app for designing eye-catching digital business cards. The app is completely free and contains no advertisements. You can share your digital business card with anyone, and recipients do not need to have Haystack Business Cards. Haystack Business Cards offers unlimited scanning and automatically updates the contact information of scanned cards.

Users can share via email and text. Browse the website of the app for more information about Haystack Business Cards.

Haystack Business Cards on the App Store

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Business Card Scanner by ABBYY 

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $59.99

One of the best business card scanner apps for iPhone is ABBYY Business Card Reader, a contact management app with fast business card scanning. The app scans business cards in 25 languages quickly and accurately and saves them to your device.

ABBYY Business Card Reader focuses on the business card and captures the image by cropping the foreign background. The app is compatible with Apple Watch and offers direct information and search. ABBYY Business Card Reader allows users to export business cards in.CSV format to MS Excel. For more information, visit Business Card Scanner’s website.

Business Card Scanner by ABBYY on the App Store

Switchit Digital Business Card

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $74.99

Switchit Digital Business Card is a magnificent and helpful app that draws attention with the features it offers. You can use the app to share your contact info at social events, conferences, trade shows, networking events, and more.  The app allows users to personalize their digital cards with social links, videos, images, contact information, colors, URLs, and more.

Users can add documents such as eBooks, whitepapers, flyers, and fillable forms to their digital cards. Switchit Digital Business Card enables business card sharing via email, text, QR code, and social media. To learn more information, visit Switchit Digital Business Card’s website.

Switchit Digital Business Card on the App Store

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