The 9 Best AR Apps for iPhone

Do you want to try AR technology and have fun while experimenting? AR apps continue to evolve the real world with 3D graphics, measurement tools, sky analysis, games, learning drawing, and more. We have reviewed and listed both handy and entertaining AR apps for you. Here are the best AR apps for iPhone!

GIPHY World: AR GIF Stickers

Price: Free

GIPHY World AR GIF Stickers

GIPHY World: AR GIF Stickers is a fun app that lets you fill your surroundings with stunning and amusing AR-powered 3D gifs. GIPHY World is an augmented reality app that encourages users’ imagination and ranks among the best AR apps for iPhone. The app has an extensive collection of GIPHY. You can create a fun atmosphere by placing your favorite GIFs around you and sharing them with your loved ones by recording them on video. Visit GIPHY World’s website to learn more detailed about the app.

GIPHY World: AR GIF Stickers on the App Store

IKEA Place

Price: Free

IKEA Place is a handy app developed by IKEA, a Swedish furniture brand. The purpose of the app is to allow you to virtually place real-scale 3D models of the items you like in your home and office so you can get more realistic ideas about them. Check out IKEA Place’s website to learn more detailed information about the app.

IKEA Place on the App Store

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Civilisations AR

Price: Free

Civilisations AR is an augmented reality app created by the BBC that is one of the best iPhone AR apps. Civilizations AR is a must-have app for history buffs because it provides one-stop access to artifacts from around the world. The app contains more than 30 historical artifacts, such as Rodin’s The Kiss from the National Museum of Wales and an ancient Egyptian mummy from the Torquay Museum. 

Besides that, you can bring home, scale, rotate and explore the magnificent and hidden artifacts of history with the app. Each artifact in the app includes an audio guide, allowing you to learn more about the artifacts.

Civilisations AR on the App Store

Sketchar: Learn To Draw

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $149.99

Sketchar: Learn To Draw is an extraordinary app that aims to improve your drawing skills and deserves to be among the best AR apps for iPhone. The app blends theory and practice in a fun way, making it simple to express yourself through art. Sketchar was developed by combining AR and artificial intelligence, allowing users to learn while having fun. 

Moreover, Sketchar includes more than 550 drawing lessons and provides a personalized plan based on artificial intelligence. Users of Sketchar have access to a diverse and powerful toolset and can participate in exciting competitions. To learn more detailed information, browse Sketchar’s website.

Sketchar: Learn To Draw on the App Store

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TapMeasure – AR utility

Price: Free

TapMeasure – AR utility is an effective app that combines computer vision and AR, allowing you to capture and measure your AR utility with ease. The app helps you measure your environment in a short time and allows you to create 3D models to scale. When hanging a picture frame on the wall, you can ensure the correct positioning of the frame with the smart level feature of TapMeasure. Go to TapMeasure’s website to discover more features of the app.

TapMeasure – AR utility on the App Store

Night Sky

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $229.99

Night Sky is a popular app for tracking stars, planets, and satellites. The app assists you in identifying planets, constellations, stars, and other objects in your personal planetarium. Users can take notes while viewing the sky by adding personal sky stickers and share them with their loved ones via iMessage. The app is very simple to use; simply hold your phone up to the sky to discover the mystery of the sky.

Night Sky on the App Store

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Big Bang AR

Price: Free

Big Bang AR is a unique app that lets you explore how space, time, and the visible universe came to be with Tilda Swinton and CERN scientists. The app takes users back 13.8 billion years. Big Bang AR allows you to witness the formation of the Earth, stars, and solar system.

Big Bang AR on the App Store

MeasureKit – AR Ruler Tape

Price: $2.99/In-App Purchase: $2.99

MeasureKit AR Ruler Tape

MeasureKit – AR Ruler Tape is a marvelous app that lets you measure rooms, objects, and more using your device’s camera and is one of the best AR apps for iPhone. The app includes valuable features such as a ruler, trajectory, magnetometer, face mesh, marker pin, angles, height measurement, cube (cube control), and level (bed-vertical control).

MeasureKit – AR Ruler Tape on the App Store

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LightSpace – 3D painting in AR

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $2.99

LightSpace 3D painting in AR

LightSpace – 3D painting in AR is a creative app that allows you to paint your surroundings with 3D colored lights in the real world. With LightSpace, users can draw hearts, butterflies, wings, fireworks, apples, and more, and videotape and share their work.

LightSpace – 3D painting in AR on the App Store

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