Apple’s Vision Pro Headset welcomes iPhone and iPad apps

Apple, with its highly anticipated Vision Pro headset, is ensuring that users will have a wealth of apps at their disposal from day one, even though the headset itself is not yet available for purchase. The company has announced that iPhone and iPad apps will be readily accessible on the visionOS’ App Store upon its launch.

This move eliminates the need for developers to undertake additional work to adapt their existing apps for the Vision Pro platform. Apple has disclosed plans to introduce a developer beta version of visionOS, complete with the App Store, this fall.

“By default, your iPad and/or iPhone apps will be published automatically on the App Store on Apple Vision Pro. Most frameworks available in iPadOS and iOS are also included in visionOS, which means nearly all iPad and iPhone apps can run on visionOS, unmodified. Customers will be able to use your apps on visionOS early next year when Apple Vision Pro becomes available,” Apple stated in a post.

The Vision Pro headset was first unveiled at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in June, alongside the release of the Vision Pro SDK, allowing developers to explore various aspects of the visionOS. In July, Apple initiated the process of accepting applications for developer kit loans. Additionally, Apple has been hosting in-person developer labs for Vision Pro in multiple cities worldwide, including Cupertino, London, Munich, Shanghai, Singapore, and Tokyo.

While iPhone and iPad apps will seamlessly appear on the VisionOS App Store, developers are encouraged to utilize the SDK to incorporate 3D elements and hand gesture support, enhancing the apps’ natural feel on the device.

Steve Sinclair, Senior Director of Product Marketing for Apple Vision Pro, revealed in a recent interview that the number of SDK downloads has surpassed the company’s expectations. Nevertheless, due to the limited availability of in-person developer labs and constraints on the developer kit program, many developers have been primarily working with the simulator. Sinclair emphasized Apple’s commitment to expanding accessibility for every developer, aiming to offer a diverse array of apps that deliver unique experiences on the Vision Pro platform.

At WWDC 2023, Apple also announced its latest software and hardware updates, including two new privacy features to help App Store developers create better apps ‘’while informing users and respecting their choices about how their data is used’’.

Written by Gizem Yılmaz


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