The Best Compass Apps for Android and iPhone

When it comes to outdoor activities, serious hikers, backpackers or survivors know the importance of having a reliable compass in their hiking kit. If you are one of them, you can find the most reliable and best compass apps for your Android or iPhone devices to help you determine your route in this article.


We are starting our list of the best compass apps with Compass°, the most popular compass app among iOS users. As a very simple app that has a huge display showing the direction and heading, Compass° uses your device’s internal hardware to estimate the direction. 

Compass° on the App Store

Digital Compass

Axiomatic’s Digital Compass is one of the best compass apps for Android, with useful features including latitude, longitude and address, full-screen map, true heading and magnetic heading, magnetic strength, slope level meter, and sensor status.

Digital Compass on Google Play

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Compass Steel

Compass Steel is an ad-free compass app with multiple color themes and 2 compass modes to choose from – True mode (based on True North) and Magnetic mode (based on Magnetic North). The app also provides sun and moon positions and sunrise and sunset times as well as moonrise and moonset times. 

Advanced features of the app include satellite mode with altitude information, target heading tracking, night vision enhancement mode, custom compass dial units, and manual position settings.

Compass Steel on Google Play


As one of the best compass apps for iPhone, Compass∞ is an accurate app that is ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, backpacking, treks, and road trips. The app provides Magnetic North, Cardinal direction, Weather Temperature, altitude, and more.

If you want extra features such as a speedometer, latitude/longitude display, voice option, and location sending, you need to make an in-app purchase.

Compass∞ on the App Store

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Digital Compass by KTW Apps

KTW’s Digital Compass is a free compass app that displays direction as well as current location data including longitude, latitude, address, and altitude. In the app, you can also find magnetic field strength(EMF), slope angle(Slope Level), accuracy state, and more. 

The app, which you can also use to find the qibla, uses the gyroscope, accelerator, magnetometer, and gravity features of the device.

Digital Compass by KTW Apps on Google Play

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Compass 55

The real-time compass feature of Compass 55, which is an app that includes features such as a map, compass, and GPS coordinates to view and share in 6 formats, altitude, distance, maximum and average speed, and speedometer, navigator to your destination or along the route, is quite successful.

Compass 55 on the App Store

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Compass (Altimeter, Sunrise, Sunset)

As one of the best compass apps for Android, Compass retrieves useful information about your current position such as true Geographic north and true altitude also when offline or in flight mode. The ad-free app also includes useful features such as sunrise & sunset time, Azimuth angles in deg, grad, mrad, gon, and latitude & longitude in different formats including MGRS, UTM, and more. 

Compass on Google Play

Written by Jordan Bevan


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