The 5 Best Dog Walking Apps

Our pets are like best friends and family to us. We want to take care of them and make them happy throughout their lives, but we can’t always do this the way we want. When we have business meetings, extended shifts, and holidays, we can sometimes disrupt the care of our pets and we look for someone to ask for help in such cases. Dogs are one of the pets that require a lot of attention because they need to be taken out 2-3 times a day, toileted, and walked. Dog-walking apps come into play in these situations and are very effective. We have reviewed and listed the best dog-walking apps for you. Here are the best!

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Rover – Dog Boarding & Walking

Price: Free

Rover Dog Boarding Walking

Rover – Dog Boarding & Walking is a great app developed by The Dog PeopleTM and is among the best dog walking apps. The app is quite useful and reliable for dog owners. Rover has more than 100,000 pet sitters and dog walkers in the US and Canada and provides 24/7 service support. Users can communicate directly with caregivers and dog walkers through Rover and receive instant notifications about their dogs. The app offers users a smooth and secure payment experience.

In addition, Rover is a highly functional app if you’re considering becoming a sitter or dog walker. Sitters or dog walkers can send videos, photos, and messages to pet owners and receive payments on the go with Rover. Sitters and dog walkers can share their information by creating a Rover Card. Check out Rover’s website to learn more detailed information about the app.

Rover – Dog Boarding & Walking on Google Play

Rover – Dog Boarding & Walking on the App Store

Wag – Dog Walkers & Sitters

Price: Free

Wag Dog Walkers Sitters

Wag is a superb app for pet owners with many handy features, such as dog walking, pet sitting, veterinary care, training services, and dog walking, and is available in more than 4,600 cities. Users can easily book pet grooming with Wag and use it anytime, any day. The app offers pet lovers dog walks according to their needs and schedules, and users can get boarding-night care at their home or from a pet sitter.

The app comes with a veterinary consultation feature. Thus, users can ask questions about their animals. The app contains personalized digital dog training sessions with basic commands and tricks. Also, the app includes many great features that pet owners will love, such as walk tracking with GPS, in-app messaging, and pee/poop notifications. Visit Wag’s website for more information.

Wag – Dog Walkers & Sitters on Google Play

Wag – Dog Walkers & Sitters on the App Store

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PetBacker: Dog Cat Pet Sitting

Price: Free

PetBacker is a successful app that allows you to find sitters, dog walkers, hostels, and more where you can safely deliver your pets, and it stands out among the best dog walking apps. With the app, dog and cat owners can easily access and get help from pet sitters. Users can use PetBacker during extended shifts, business trips, and holidays. In addition to pet owners, those who want to be pet sitters and walk dogs can use the app to earn money. The app connects you with your veterinarian for veterinary care and vaccinations. To learn more detailed information, browse PetBacker’s website.

PetBacker: Dog Cat Pet Sitting on Google Play

PetBacker: Dog Cat Pet Sitting on the App Store

Fetch! Pet Care

Price: Free

Fetch Pet Care

Fetch! Pet Care is a dog-walking and professional pet-sitting app designed for all customers who subscribe to My Fetch and deserves to be among the best dog-walking apps. The app provides users with care services for their pets’ lifetimes and standard prices published by location. Users can manage their pets’ profiles and review their information with the app. Fetch includes a GPS tracking map, pee/poop updates, daycare summaries, and more. For more detailed information about the app, visit Fetch’s website.

Fetch! Pet Care on Google Play

Fetch! Pet Care on the App Store

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Paway: Dog Walking Smart & Fun

Price: Free

Paway Dog Walking Smart Fun

Paway: Dog Walking Smart & Fun is a free dog-walking app that contains beneficial dog information. Users can use Paway to learn about hazards such as stray dogs and dog fights, hot dog vendors, public water containers, poop bag dispensers, and more. The app informs you about the breeds and aggression levels of the dogs, allowing you to walk your dog safely. The app allows users to track their dog walks by distance, route, and duration. Weather alerts are also included in the app. To learn more detailed information about the app, check out the website of Paway.

Paway: Dog Walking Smart & Fun on Google Play

Paway: Dog Walking Smart & Fun on the App Store

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