The Best Math Solver Apps for Android and iPhone

Using your phones is now a way to solve complex or unfamiliar math problems. With the best math solver apps in this list, you can find answers to math questions with their solutions without wasting time.

The Best Math Solver Apps


Photomath, which is accepted by many as the best math solver app, allows you to scan the math problem with your smartphone’s camera and then find the answer step by step. The app, which is very easy to use, is the kind that will never force you as an interface. Photomath, which will help you solve all kinds of math problems you have difficulty with and to learn different math topics like algebra and geometry has been developed for both iOS and Android.

Photomath on the App Store

Photomath on Google Play

Microsoft Math Solver

Using an advanced AI-powered math problem solver, Microsoft Math Solver helps solve problems in arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, and more. You can solve the questions by writing the problem on the screen just like writing on paper or by scanning the question you want to solve with the camera.

Microsoft Math Solver on Google Play

Microsoft Math Solver on the App Store

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As in the other math solver apps in the list, in Mathway, you can quickly find the answer and step-by-step solution by taking a photo of the problem or typing the problem. The app supports a lot of math topics like calculus, graphing, and algebra. 

Mathway on the App Store

Mathway on Google Play


CameraMath is one of the best math solver apps to solve math problems simply and effectively. Take a photo of the problem you want to solve and get the solution step by step. The app, which offers a forum atmosphere, also allows you to get help from others with questions that you cannot solve.

CameraMath on Google Play

CameraMath on the App Store

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Another app to help you solve math problems step by step is Cymath. You can either write the question in the app or scan it with your camera and solve it through the app. Supporting many areas of mathematics such as solving equations, factoring, logarithms, complex numbers, quadratic equations, and trigonometry, the app also helps its users in difficult subjects such as creating graphics, intersections, and finding asymptotes.

Cymath on Google Play


MalMath is for those looking for a simple-to-use math problem solver app. The app helps you solve questions about integrals, logarithms, algebra, and derivatives. MalMath also provides step-by-step instructions on how to solve any math problem. Although the app, which is heavily used by students, is very popular on Google Play, it is not preferred by users in the App Store.

MalMath on Google Play

MalMath on the App Store

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