X’s new feature allows subscribers to share email contact with creators

Elon Musk’s X (previously known as Twitter) is taking steps to deliver on a key promise to app creators by introducing a new option that enables X subscribers to share their email contact information with the creators they follow. This feature, when opted into, provides creators with off-platform contact methods for their subscribers, enhancing their ability to make direct offers and possibly move to other platforms with these contacts.

The move aligns with Elon Musk’s earlier commitment to prioritize data portability for content creators. He stated in June that the platform would provide email addresses of subscribers to content creators, facilitating their exit from the platform with their subscriber base if they choose to do so.

This development could be a game-changer for creators, offering them a valuable avenue for direct engagement and outreach beyond the X platform. It could also benefit brands, enabling them to provide exclusive deals to subscribers and build their direct mailing lists.

In addition to this feature, X recently launched an ad revenue share program, further sweetening the deal for creators and businesses on the app. However, there are concerns, such as the potential for incentivizing engagement bait for ad revenue. 

Despite these challenges, X’s efforts to cater to creators and businesses could make it a more attractive platform over time. With only a small fraction of X users responsible for the majority of posts, appealing to this segment can significantly boost overall engagement and activity on the platform. As X continues to enhance its creator incentive schemes, it aims to keep its top users posting and maximize user engagement.

Following Musk’s acquisition of the platform in October, X has undergone substantial transformations. The changes were seen as controversial and cost X more than half of its US revenue, losing over 500 top advertisers

This situation gave way to the emergence of several potential rivals. Bluesky launched its invite-only iOS app earlier this year in March. The other considerable rival is Meta’s Threads launched in June. Threads quickly gained fame, hitting 100 million downloads in just five days. But after the initial buzz, people used it less, mainly because it lacked a web version. However, they’ve recently decided to add a web version to better compete with X

Musk and his team in X have been working hard to lure back the advertisers and, as of June, Musk said they are returning

Written by Sophie Blake


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