Instagram to add Messenger-like FAQ feature for businesses and creators

Facebook released the Instagram DM-Messenger merging feature that enables Instagram and Messenger users to communicate with each other app-to-app late last month and took one of the most concrete steps in its efforts to merge the two messaging services under a common infrastructure. 

Facebook, which has started a new test run now, has brought the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) feature of Messenger to Instagram.

With the feature, businesses and content creators on Instagram will be able to determine frequently asked questions for the questions they are frequently exposed to by their followers, and followers will be able to see the pre-prepared FAQs as suggested questions as soon as they open the chat window. 

In addition, with the automated responses feature, content producers and businesses will be able to give automatic answers to frequently asked questions.

According to TechCrunch, Instagram declined to confirm whether the option is just being tested or is in the early stages of a rollout.

Written by Sophie Blake


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