The 4 Best Apps to View Instagram Stories Anonymously

Instagram is no longer a medium for posts, but of stories. Everything happens here. But the biggest problem of stories is that when we click, the other party is aware of it. In the last 12 months, worldwide,  the interest to search “insta story viewer” and “view Instagram stories anonymously” has increased more than 60%, according to Google Trends. 

Although some open a fake account to view the stories anonymously, nowadays it is possible to do this with less risky and simpler websites and mobile apps. In this article, we have reviewed 5 best apps and websites you can use if you want to view insta stories anonymously. 

Story Saver for Instagram

Available on Google Play, Story Saver for Instagram is a simple to use app allowing users to view public accounts’ Instagram stories anonymously. 

Using the app, you can save IGTV, reels, story, highlight, and profile pictures to your device. The app also allows you to report to Instagram quickly and share photos and video to any other apps.

Google Play: Store Link


BlindStory both allows you to view Instagram stories anonymously and download stories to your smartphone. Using the app, you can create a watchlist for yourself, login to your account and repost photos and videos, and see profile photos in high resolution. The app also automatically catch and save a story to your device before its deleted.

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As its name suggests, SilentStory allows you to view insta stories anonymously. Using the app, you can also save video and photos quickly from Instagram directly to your smartphone.

The app also lets you view, zoom, and save profile pictures of other Instagram users. You can also add Instagram users to your favorites in order to get notified whenever they post a new photo or video.

Google Play: Store Link

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Story Viewer for Insta

Last in our list of the best apps to view Insta stories anonymously is Story Viewer for Insta. You can use the app also to zoom photos and videos.

You don’t need to log in to start using the app. Please note that it only allows you to view public accounts’ stories anonymously, not private ones. 

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Written by Maya Robertson


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