X launches ‘Ads Revenue Sharing’ program for eligible creators worldwide

Twitter, which has recently changed its name to X, started sharing ad revenue with content creators earlier this month. Now, the platform has announced the launch of ‘Ads Revenue Sharing’ platform to make X “the best place on the internet to earn a living as a creator.”

Elon Musk said “First block payment totals $5M.” “Revenue payout to content creators will be cumulative from when I first promised to do so in February,” he explained. 

X users must be subscribers to Blue or Verified Organizations in order to be eligible for the Ads Revenue Sharing program, and they must have received at least 15M impressions on all of their posts over the previous three months. They also need to have 500 followers or more.

The Monetization part of the X app, which is located in the side menu on iOS and Android and the overflow menu on the web, is where eligible users can sign up and set up payments. The “Join and setup payouts” button will take qualified users to Stripe where they can set up an account to receive their part after clicking it. If the user generates at least $50, they will then receive payouts on a regular basis.

“We want the process to be as simple as possible, so all eligible X Blue and Verified Organizations subscribers are entitled to revenue share so long as they meet the eligibility criteria and join,” X said.

Regarding the program, X CEO Linda Yaccarino said it is “absolute game changer for our creators.” 

Elon Musk also tweeted a chart showing that X’s monthly users hit a new peak in 2023. The graph shows that X has, at one point, 541.5 million monthly users. The months are not identified in the chart. 

Although X has seen a growth in the number of monthly users, it still has not been able to draw cash flow to a positive. Elon Musk claimed two weeks ago that Twitter’s cash flow is still negative as a result of a 50% decline in ad revenue as well as its high debt load.

According to emails obtained by the Wall Street Journal, Twitter has begun offering a limited number of marketers discounted prices on video ads that run alongside a list of trending topics on the “Explore” page.

Written by Jordan Bevan


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